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ZANELE SIFUBA Tlof Tlof Video Leaked Online On Social Media, Watch Here!

ZANELE SIFUBA Tlof Tlof Video Viral On Internet She was Beauty Ntombizanele Sifuba, a politician and teacher of South Africa, is the present minister of Small Business Development, a job she is in since May of 2019. She is an active participant in the African National Congress and serves as the party’s National Women’s League deputy president. Ntombizanele Sifuba was born April 17, 1967 in Giyani, South Africa.

ZANELE SIFUBA Tlof Tlof Video Leaked Online On Social Media, Watch Here!


She graduated with an undergraduate degree with a major in History as well as Politics and Science from the University of the North and an MA with a concentration in Development Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. Sifuba was involved in various positions in the realm of education and politics. She was an active participant in the Gauteng Provincial Legislaturefrom 1999 to 2004 as well as in the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature from 2004 until 2009. Then, in 2009, she was an elected member of the National Assembly,

In the past, she was the chairman on her Portfolio Committee on Small Business Development. In 2014 she was appointed the deputy minister of Small Business Development. She also been head for Mbilwi Secondary School, and was the coordinator of the national level for the Women’s League of the African National Congress’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme. Sifuba was named the Minister for Small Business Development on 29 May , 2019.

Zanele Sifuba is a popular South African media personality who is famous for her work as a journalist as well as anchor for news on eNCA. She has also been field reporter in the network’s news channels. Zanele Sifuba is a South African journalist and presenter.

She is most well-known for her role in Live on SABC1 Music Variety Show Live. Zanele Sifuba was married businessman and entrepreneurs Sbu Leope. The couple has two kids together. Video of Zanele Sifuba performing a s*x s*x routine on her husband’s l*aked on the internet in the month of March 2021. The video was a hit on social media, and many asking for her to be fired from her position. Sifuba is trending on social media since she posted she posted a picture of her naked on the internet.

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On the clip, she’s shown performing a sexual act on a male. It’s unclear the date the video was recorded or who the person is. Sifuba has been married for a while to an South African businessman and entrepreneur, Bongani Mbhele. Their family includes three kids together. The video is now all over social media with a lot of users sharing the video through Twitter along with Reddit. Sifuba hasn’t yet made a comment regarding the viral video. It’s unclear whether she’s aware the video was leaked on the internet.



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