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Why was Aussie Cossack Arrested? Charges And Reason Explained!

Why was Aussie Cossack Arrested? Charges And Reason Explained! Every sight has been pulled towards itself by an incident. According to reports, Simon Boikov (also known as AussieCossack) tried to bribe Channel 9 This story is becoming viral across all major social media platforms. Simon Boikov appears to have no financial worries, which seems to have not stopped him from spending the money. In a spontaneous stunt by AussieCossack, he claimed he bribed Channel 9 This column contains detailed information about the matter. We recommend that you stay on this page and read the entire story. There are many things we have covered about this headline. Scroll down to see the following divisions.

Why was Aussie Cossack Arrested

We want to tell you first that Simon Boikov, aka Aussie cossack, is either a Russian patriot (or wild Vladimir Putin supporter). When he reacted angrily to a Channel 9 reporter, he became the talk of the town. The incident has become viral, with the video showing how he bribed Channel 9 reporter. Social media users are searching for an explanation to why a Putin supporter is receiving so much attention. According to reports, it all started when a Channel 9 reporter approached him to discuss Russian propaganda invading Ukraine.

Why was Aussie Cossack Arrested

According to reports, Marshall was the reporter who went along with his cameraman to Simon Boikov in order to discuss Russian policy and war issues. The boisterous Putin supporter pulled out $100 from his pocket, placed it in Marshall’s packet, and shouted at the camera, “I just bribed him off like Channel 9 purchases its people off.” He also drove away in a car marked with a big Z, which is a symbol of support for Russian war efforts. Please refer to the next section for more information. Follow For More Update

Marshall tried to get the money back to Simon Boikov, but Marshall refused to listen and he moved on. Simon Boikov’s representative later returned to collect the money from Channel 9 reporter. People were captivated by Simon Boikov’s unconventional response. Now everyone is talking about Marshall Boikov and Boikov on social media. Boikov told Marshall, “The police are continually targeting me for years because of my coverage of real news.”



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