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Why Sophia Rosing Arrested? What Was Sophia Rosing Arrest Reason And Charges Explored!

A student at the University of Kentucky who was identified as Sophia Rosing was a well-known student, and also a part of the influencer society, or group. Sophia Rosing Arrested earlier on Monday after she had posted an assault video on another black student. Black students and a worker who was at her job were brutally assaulted by Sophia and her video after she was alerted of the area was reported to the police and Sophia was arrested in the end. We should know more about this incident and learn the reason and what caused being arrested of a college student on campus. The video also was viewed by many people.

Why Sophia Rosing Arrested? What Was Sophia Rosing Arrest Reason And Charges Explored!

Sophia Rosing Arrested

Sophia who is from the same school as another student at work and attacked the black student, and afterward, the video was put on the internet. The student was on her duty and was a worker and the student also maintained her professionalism and took care of Sophia in a calm manner. Sophia who was swaying and seemed drunk, brutally assaulted the other pupil who also was working at the college physically and verbally. In the video, which became viral in a matter of minutes it was evident the fact that Sophia had been in a relationship with the student, and was trying to provoke violence with her. She also attacked her by making controversial remarks.

When the video went online, the university and campus and the university also apologized for their actions on Sophia, and Sophia was detained. It was reported that the University of Kentucky in an online statement stated that an incident that took place in the vicinity of the campus in the halls of residence, involved violent acts of violence towards our students and racist slurs too. Also, it contained offensive language. They continued by saying that the perpetrator was a student as well as an employee who was coming out of her overnight shift in front of the desk. They have clearly stated that they are against the behavior and do not condone any form of violence on campus.

The school also said that the safety and security of students are their highest priority and will continue to be the highest priority. The official statement that was made on Twitter said that the Student Success Team will assist victims of the brutality of the incident. The student who was in the residence hall, and was off duty kept her behavior professional and didn’t say anything to Sophia. Sophia in the video was shown to be displaying a little behavior as she called the student a nipper and verbally abused her. Sophia is charged with 4th-degree assault and 3rd-degree assault and was also slapped with an amount of bond 10,000.

Sophia Rosing Arrest

Sophia, who is an influential and a part of the influencer group was also accused of drinking in public places. Sophia has been a popular influencer whose LinkedIn profile indicates that she is a member of the school’s Fashionista as well as her parents’ business as well. It is reported that the Fashionista group also shared a tweet and stated that they had come across the video, and when they learned about it, they made the decision to end all ties with the perpetrator and are not going to tolerate any kind of discrimination against them or on campus either. They stated the fact that they are in solidarity with the students, and they apologized for their behavior toward Sophia. Students receive help.



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