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Why Kat Von D Sued By landlord Details And Reason Explained!

Why Kat Von D Sued By landlord Details And Reason Explained! Los Angeles is leaving the Mexican-American tattoo artist and record producer. Instead, she was forced to leave amid a hilarious legal battle. The “KVD Vegan Beauty” 40-year-old owner is being sued for unpaid rent, and damages to the “High Voltage Tattoo Shop” Kat Von D is now in serious trouble after the court took the matter to the court. She is being sued for damages and rent default. The legal documents show that “L.A. Ink” owner owners paid more than $92,000 to their landlord.

Why Kat Von D Sued

Kat is being sued for causing damage to the rental property. According to legal documents, Kat is being sued for removing ceiling tiles and wallpapers, demolishing a wall, and painting the ceiling. In January, the ex-employee of the “Exorcist”, who claimed that the controversial tattooist made her staff “work illegally” during Covid-19, sued the artist. The complaint claimed that Von D had secretly reopened her West Hollywood shop before tattoo parlors could resume business. Her employees received messages that read

Why Kat Von D Sued

“Today, the barbershop remains open for business, and I don’t understand why we aren’t able to open. I can’t stand by and watch high voltage die. I need to get back at work, even if it’s only for appointments for the moment.” Kat also has other controversial issues, including fire and multiple cars crash into neighboring businesses. Her neighbors can breathe a sigh of relief, however, as she is now moving out of Los Angeles. Kat is leaving California, and her California mansion has been listed for sale at $15million. Follow For More Update

Kat Von D is actually Katherine Von Drachenvberg. She is a tattoo artist as well as a model, recording artist, and entrepreneur. Kat’s work as a tattoo artist is highly praised on “LA Ink”. Kat Von D Beaty was Kat’s former boss. Kat wrote “High Voltage Tattoo 2009”, where she collected her artworks. This book reached 6th place on the New York Times Bestseller List. Kat described the book as a visual outline of her career as an artist.

Why Kat Von D Sued

She also wrote “The Tattoo Chronicles (2010)”, which reached number 3 in The New York Times’Hardcover Advice and Mis. best-seller list. Kat also designed a make-up line to go with the well-known cosmetic brand “Sephora”. Kat also appears in many films and television series, including “Pimp My Ride”, Miami Ink”, “Lemmy”, and “Tony Hawk: Ride”. In 2021, her studio album “Love Made Me Do it” was released. It is a shame that she is being accused for rent default, considering how much she makes. She has also never been in the good books for her employees. She may be leaving LA, but she still has a legal battle here. What do you think?



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