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Why Did Igor Osipov Arrested Charges And Case Details Explained!

Why Did Igor Osipov Arrested Charges And Case Details Explained!  We all know that on Wednesday, a Russian warship was destroyed by an explosion and it fell to its death. This news is making headlines and is getting everyone’s attention. Another piece of news related to the sinking of Putin’s flagship Moskva, the commander of Black Sea Fleet Admiral Igor Osipov, was made public after the sinking. All over the internet, the news that the commander was arrested has been circulated. Many people have searched the internet for more information about the commander since then. We have all the details on Igor Osipov.

Why Did Igor Osipov Arrested

Why Did Igor Osipov Arrested

According to recent reports, the guided-missile cruiser Moskva drowned in an explosion. This is the Russian navy’s greatest loss in history. R-360 Neptune was the name of the guided rockets used by Kyiv to defeat Russia. According to reports, the ship was home to 510 crew members and played a significant role in missile strikes against Ukraine from the sea. The Russian Ministry of Defence announced the news and attempted to downplay the damage done to the flagship, which was in service since 1983.

Experts from the military believe it could mark a turning point for the Ukraine war. The crew members of the ship have managed to save themselves. Russia cannot afford to lose the Moskva. Igor Osipov is an officer in the Russian Navy. He was born on 06 March 1973 in Novoshumnoye (Fyodorov), District Kostany Region. Kazakh SSR, USSR. He is currently the Black Sea Fleet commander and holds the rank of admiral. He graduated from the Higher Naval School of Submarine Navigation. He joined the Pacific Fleet after completing his graduation. In the year 2019, he took over command of the Black Sea Fleet. Follow For More Update

Igor Osipov Arrested Charges

Osipov began his career in August 1995 as an officer with Pacific Fleet. From August 1996 to July 1998, Osipov was appointed assistant commander of the MPK-17. He also received the Order of Naval Merit as well as various departmental medals. He is married and father to one daughter. His wife’s name is not known to the public. He is currently in police custody. We will keep our readers informed with further updates.



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