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Why Did Henry Swinney Arrested? Charges Allegation & Reason Explained!

Why Did Henry Swinney Arrested? Charges Allegation & Reason Explained! Henry Ervil Swinney III, 53 years old, was arrested in South Carolina for his involvement in the s3xual abuse of a minor. Sources say he was taken into custody alongside Carson Alexander Radlein, 22, after being accused of distributing s3xual abuse materials. This was according to Alan Wilson, South Carolina Attorney-General. Now, Carson Alexander and Henry Ervil Swinney III have been arrested and taken into custody. According to media outlets, Henry Swinney III was taken into custody on April 23rd and charged with the second degree of sexual exploitation of minors.

Why Did Henry Swinney Arrested?

Why Did Henry Swinney Arrested?

We should tell you that Henry Swinney, the brother of Dabo Swinney, is the Clemson football coach. He was arrested in South Carolina and charged for the s3xualexploitation of a child. It is a felony that can lead to up to 10 years in jail, according to updates. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was notified and Henry was arrested. According to the warrant Henry Swinney distributed “material containing an image of a minor engaging in s3xual activities and/or appearing in an s3xually explicitly n#dity” via a file sharing link called “Mega”.

Carson Alexander Radlein, who was also arrested on April 29, 2022 and is facing 10 charges of 3rd Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. According to the director of students, Carson Alexander Radlein was also listed at Clemson University as a computer engineering major. You can also access the Internet to find the statement of Alan Wilson, the South Carolina Attorney General. Henry Ervil Swinney was arrested according to a copy of the print. Follow For More Update

In the print, it also states that Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Investigators from the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office made these arrests in unrelated cases. The s3xual abuse of minors is the subject of 11 different charges. While more details regarding the arrest and ongoing investigation are not yet available, the South Carolina Attorney General has confirmed that a complete release has been made. Everyone is searching for more information since the announcement of his arrest was posted online. Dabo Swinney didn’t share any details about his arrest. Continue reading for more information about this case.



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