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WHY CRAZY FROG DEAD Trending On Twitter, Reason And Details Explained!

WHY CRAZY FROG DEAD Trending On Twitter, Reason And Details Explained! Twitter’s newest trend is “Crazy Frog Dead” as CGI characters fans saw him declared dead via a fan page. Social media users now have some of the most hilarious stories that explain Crazy Frog’s supposed death or rebirth. Although Crazy Frog might not be real, people feel for him. Many Twitter users engaged in conversation about Crazy Frog after a tweet from @CrazyFrogInfo, on April 17.



The tweet said, “Crazy Frog is dead.” The following is posted: “I Will keep you updated if/when I receive confirmation.” The trend gained momentum after the official Crazy Frog handle replied to the original posting. The tweet stated, “I don’t think so”, and conveyed to his fans that he is still alive. Crazy Frog wasn’t presumed dead this time around. In a tweet from June 22, 2021, the Twitter account claimed Crazy Frog had died.

Fans were quick to notice that the joke was still being played a year later. Crazy Frog’s fans are celebrating his rebirth with funny theories. However, the CGI character is not dead and can never die. Crazy Frog is hilarious, but we think these tweets are a little more fun. A funny Twitter user wrote, “Yeah he just got arrested by INTERPOL. It is okay. Crazy Frog was lying about his death. I don’t know why.

“Three days later, Crazy Frog rose from the grave,” another joked. One tweet: “Thank God you aren’t dead, it is an Easter miracle!” “I thought they shot you dead for tax evasion,” was the hilarious theory of one Tweet user. Another fan tweeted “Breaking News: Crazyfrog Found Dead-Foul Play Suspected12” and joked that Crazy Frog was killed in a Miami gang shootout. Crazy Frog was invented by Erik Wernquist, actor and playwright in 2003. With its cover by Axel F, the character became a global celebrity. The next single, Popcorn was also a huge chart hit. The character inspired many more songs, a variety of toys and merchandise over the years. After a 13-year hiatus, Tricky released a single on December 10, 2021. At the time of writing, the official video had received over 36 million views.



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