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Why BagelGooseFF Banned From Twitch Streamer, Reasons And Details Explained!

Why BagelGooseFF Banned From Twitch Streamer, Reasons And Details Explained! Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yashida recalled that some 3rd-party tools were not in line with the game’s rules. However, BagelGooseFF, a Twitch streamer, used the tool to stream the stream when he was online. A Master of Game took the streamer out of the encounter and placed them in participant jail. There are no details available that will inform how long the suspended gamer will be kept suspended. Continue reading to learn more about the ban and the consequences of violating the rules.

Why BagelGooseFF Banned

Why BagelGooseFF Banned

As it is against the rules, the creators have previously stated that they do not support third-party tools being used during the game. There were many tensions and anguishes around third-party tools being used during the Reprise of Dragonsong. According to reports, BagelGooseFF’s case falls under “changeover of UI to show additional details” and “any public statements and actions that encourage third-party tools,” as was seen on the stream by the gamer.

According to reports, the Twitch streamer was working on advancement in Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate) and it was also visible from their gaming stream configuration. There were also 3rd party tools. The streamer was then removed from the raid encounter’s mid-combat and transferred to a vacant area. He could not leave. The streamer was able to see the streamer’s chat and the Twitch streamer as well. The streamers noticed that they had not targeted him at midnight and took note of his words. After a while, Master of the Game looked up and suspended the streamer of Twitch. Follow For More Update

According to the information, Final Fantasy XIV saw the use of third-party tools in the grey area. They were used by individuals, but they were allowed as long as they weren’t noted on the match or displayed on streamlets. Despite the fact that the creators were reprimanded, it is clear that the game does not allow any third-party tools. Reddit user One recalls to the crowd that a streamer hailing from Japan was also banned for doing the same thing as the ban.



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