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Who Won Playground Carryminati Grand Finale Winner Name Prize Money, Top 10 Teams Explored!

Who Won Playground Carryminati Grand Finale Winner Name Prize Money, Top 10 Teams Explored! Did you know that India will host the first-ever gaming entertainment performance? The playground is a huge competition that involves some of the most prominent and respected gamers in India as well as their teams. The playground will see the participants show off their abilities and entertain the audience. Famous YouTubers and gamers such as playground Carryminati and Mortal, Scout, and TriggeredInsaan were the faces of India’s first gaming amusement performance. There is much more information about Playground and its leaders. You will be able to learn everything you need about Playground by reading the following page. Start learning.

Who Won Playground Carryminati Grand Finale Winner Name Prize Money, Top 10 Teams Explored!

Who Won Playground Carryminati Grand Finale

The event will begin with a tryout round, where mentors or team leaders evaluate the talents and skills of the players before deciding whether they should buy them in the auction. The auction will allow team leaders to bid on their favorite player or participants. They also have to create their team during the auction. Although you may have seen a cricketer auction in Indian T20 League, this auction will not be held before a gaming event. It will be fascinating to see the strategies team mentors use when building their teams during Mega auction stage. Take a look at Playground to find out more.

Playground’s first season can be streamed free on Youtube. To view the first season, users will need to visit Playground’s Youtube channel. The first season of Playground can be viewed on Amazon Mini TV, which is an Amazon Shopping App venture. There will be multiple rounds and up to four teams competing in the battle. Although the winner will be awarded the most points, the rules and regulations have yet to be released. What is the winning amount of points? This is the next section. Each team will fight hard, with four teams. The mentors for each team will include some notable gaming celebrities, including Mortal, Scout, and Triggered Insaan.

According to the source, the reward money will be Rs 50,00,000. The winner will receive a staggering amount of Rs. 50 lakh. This report comes from the world of eSports, where there was a huge tournament called the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro series. The tournament was to determine the best professional BGMI group in India. It was no surprise that the winner title was won by the largest eSports franchise of India. It was Team Soul. People who believe Soul is an emotion must have felt it when the team won the final of the tournament. The team never seemed to be shaky or unable to perform in any match. Since day 1, the team’s performance has been outstanding.

The points table shows that they held a lead of 85 point which is more than the scores of other teams after playing all day. They could have scored a 100-point advantage, but they were up against tough competition and couldn’t take more than 100 points. The team won the title of BMPS champions, which is a significant moment in their history. We will share the details of the leaderboard, the history of the team, and many other things. Keep watching to learn more about your favorite team.

Table of BMPS Points

Team soul was at #1. Behind them was Orange Rock, which took the #2 spot. Enigma gaming was at #3. Here is the ranking of all teams:

  • Team Soul          – #1
  • OR Esports         – #2
  • Enigma Gaming  – #3
  • Global Esports    – #4
  • FS Esports         – #5
  • Nigma Galaxy    – #6
  • Big Brother        – #7
  • Team XO           – #8 and so on

Team Soul won this title not once before. They have also won numerous titles and represented India at the international level a few times. Team Soul was awarded the champion’s title and INR 75 lakh. Goblin, from Team Soul, was awarded the MVP award for his incredible 71 finishes. Akshat was presented by Team Soul to the rampage beast. Team Soul members also won most of the individual performance awards. The MVP was given INR 2.5 lakh and Team Soul was presented with INR 2 lakh for the team that had the most finishers. Both the Lone Survivor (Rampage freak) and Team Soul (Team Soul) were also given INR 1 lakh.



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