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Who Was Yahir Cancino? Football Player Dies After Suffering Head Injury in Game Video Clip Leaked!

Who Was Yahir Cancino? Football Player Dies After Suffering Head Injury in Game Video Clip Leaked! We have some shocking news to share with you a West Texas High School football player died on Saturday morning, after being injured in the head. This news is recently appearing on the internet and the story has become viral on social networks. It’s very sad news and the incident has become a subject of debate, this story caused a lot of questions in people’s minds. Many people have been looking up this information on the internet and are extremely interested to learn about the fate of football players.

Who Was Yahir Cancino

Who Was Yahir Cancino

In the article KCBD reports the following: Sophomore Yahir Cancino was injured during in the match on Thursday afternoon when players from the Dalhart Golden Wolves were taking off Sundown Roughnecks. Officials confirmed that Yahir was injured when the Dalhart High School student lost consciousness during the game. medical personnel was unable to save him. the student was transported to a hospital and was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Yahir’s family set up a GoFoundMe account and asked for an award through prayers and donations. It’s very difficult to imagine that an athlete from high school was killed at such a young age. This is the best page to get the most accurate details about the tragedy as well as the entire story.

” Believe in the strength of miracles and blessings. We will continue to request your prayers, and we’d like to say thank you to everyone who prayed for our needs,” The organizer posted. The mother of a football player posted on social media this weekend that her son had given up over suffering injuries.” We ask to pray for healing and peace, not just for us but for everyone who was connected to Yahir. ” We decided the organ donation because Yahir was always concerned with helping others, and we would like to remember the memory of his father.

Following the game on Thursday, Sundown expressed their support for Yahir and his family. ” Yahir was a Dalhart JV football player who was admitted to the hospital after the game and is in need of prayers, encouragement and love. The Sundown group offers support to the neighbors of Dalhart in this moment,” the social media message said.”Friday’s match against the schools was cancelled. After this announcement was made via the internet, many are stunned by the sudden news. People are also paying tribute to his memory via various social platforms.



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