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Who Was Shane Post? Shot Dead At Parking Video leaked Reason And Details Explained!

Who Was Shane Post? Shot Dead At Parking Reason And Details Explained! Social media is abuzz with videos of a horrific shooting incidents. Everyone is curious to see the video, in which Shane Post, a Texas-based bodybuilder was captured in Texas. The incident occurred on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Sources claim Shane Post was injured in an altercation with his neighbor about a parking spot outside his Dallas, TX home. We can tell you that the accident resulted in the death of a 32-year-old bodybuilder and he was taken to hospital.

Who Was Shane Post?

Who Was Shane Post?

The shocking Shane Post shooting video has been released. The footage clearly shows that the bodybuilder was robbed by his neighbor for a parking spot. The shooting suspect has been arrested. Shane suffered damage to his colon, liver and kidneys in this shooting incident. He is now recovering at the hospital. “The bullet is still in my body,” said the bodybuilder. Shane is stable and will remain in hospital for a few days more due to his condition.

The shooter has now been identified as Nikki Brown. According to police, he did not flee the scene. When they arrived at the scene, they found Nikki Brown. He was then taken into custody. He was taken to Ellis County Jail and charged with assault with an unlicensed weapon. The video also shows two men arguing in their local neighborhood. The Ring doorbell video also shows Shane’s wife, and their child.

Shane also approached his neighbor, who pulled out his gun and fired. The victim fell to the ground and his wife ran for help. The gunman then fled. Shane was quickly rushed to the hospital. The local news outlet asked him if the bullet was still in his body.

The Waxahachie Police Department is currently investigating the shooting that took place on Tuesday, April 19, at 3:00 PM. One victim was found by officers who were shot once in the torso. Shane’s recovery has been supported by a GoFundMe page. He is suffering from injuries to his liver, urethra and pancreas. GoFundMe has set a goal of raising $70,000. Shane and his friends set up the campaign.



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