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Who Was CHANDRIKA CHIKA Leaked Video Viral On Social Media, Onlyf Model Age And Instagram

Who Was CHANDRIKA CHIKA Leaked Video Viral On Social Media, Onlyf Model Age, And Instagram A piece of news is getting viral on social media platforms, and the Chandrika Chika video leaked on Twitter and Reddit? If you are also a social media user then you definitely heard about Chandrika Chika. she is trading on Twitter nowadays. Her video is not clear yet and again she has become the topic of the conversation among the netizen. The case of harassment of Riko and son Siregar against Noor Alamsayah is yet to be clarified and Chandrika’s name is coming up again in the issue. A 19-year-old girl is being accused on the Internet of opening a BO by taking a fee of Rs 20 Million. Here we have more information about the news and we will try to cover all the important information in this article, so let’s continue the article.



Again Chandrika Chika is trending on social media platforms. She is considered too problematic to be a celebrity. Chandrika has begun trending on social media on Monday. The video has connected to the woman who is doing an incident scene which is suspected to be Chandrika Chika. Many people are connecting the video link with the Chandrika. Because people have believed that the video was not necessarily the real figure of Chandrika Chika, netizens have come under heavy condemnation. Follow For More Update

But not every netizen is blaming her but few of them are defending her. They are saying who can you be so cruel to Chika. The video looks edited, with Chandrika defending a netizen. Chandrika is a very famous Tik Tok personality. she has a huge fan following on this. But since last time she has to face problems himself. She is facing some controversies in her life these days.

Chika is demanded to resign from the management-owned by Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina. now she is facing many problems the case of Putra Siregar against Nur Alamsysh which dragged Chandrika Chika’s name has not been completed. The case of the presentation of Rico and Purta Sirager against Nur Alamsyah is not clear now and Chandrika’s name is again coming into the issue. On the internet, a 19 years old girl is being accused of being open BO with a fee of Rp 20 Million. So that’s why she is facing. Some people are blaming her and some of them are supporting her. What do you think is really behind this? she did so intentionally, with a motive to create a misunderstanding between Sieger and Nur Alamsiah. So what do you think, is she really responsible for this.



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