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Who Killed Timothy Wiltsey? What Was Timothy Wiltsey Cause Of Death & Reason Explained!

Who Killed Timothy Wiltsey? What Was Timothy Wiltsey Cause Of Death & Reason Explained! As far as Timothy Wiltsey is discussed, he was a 5-year-old child who was killed after the kidnapping. The murder of Timothy Wiltsey was one of the most shocking cases in the US. Timothy Wiltsey was an innocent boy who was kidnapped by someone and the reason for the kidnapping is still unclear. As soon as we know, Timothy Wiltseykidnapped in May 1991. Earlier, it was said that the mother of the child man-slaughtered her child. As a result, his mother was sentenced to the imprisonment of 25 years on the order of the court under the conviction of her 5-year-old son “Timothy Wiltsey.”

Who Killed Timothy Wiltsey

Nowadays, this case has come up to the attention of the people on the account of the reopening of this case in the year 2021. In the new series of litigation, the attorney of Michelle Lodzinski has shared new facts with the new style of litigation that helped her get rid of her conviction for the homicide of her child. Michelle Lodzinski has been freed from the conviction for killing her 5-year-old child. As a result, there are a number of people who are willing to know about her more and more. People are generating their interest in knowing about Timothy Wiltsey.

Who Killed Timothy Wiltsey

Timothy Wiltsey was a 5-year-old boy who was kidnapped in 1991. He was kidnapped from South Amboy, New Jersey, the United States. As per the available sources, he was kidnapped from a carnival in nearby Sayreville on 25th May 1991. This case was one of the toughest cases for the police department as there was no phone call regarding ransom from the side of the kidnappers. Later, the police discovered the remains of the dead body of Timothy Wiltsey from the Raritan River after around 11 months to the day of his kidnapping. The child was only-year-old. The exact cause of the abduction of Timothy Wiltsey has yet not been confirmed by anyone. Follow For More Update

In the kidnapping and manslaughter of Timothy Wiltsey, the mother of Timothy Wiltsey was convicted by the court. She was sentenced to 30 years. Michelle Lodzinski, the mother of the victim, plead in a higher court in America. Eventually, she won the case and proved herself not to be convicted. In 2021, the court overturned the decision and proved everyone to be free from her conviction for killing her son. Now, Michelle Lodzinski is free and living her life at her home.



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