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Who Killed Shirley Allen? Suspect Real Name Images Revealed!

Who Killed Shirley Allen? Suspect Real Name Images Revealed! Shirley Elizabeth Allen’s recent death has been in the news. People want to know if the evil is still alive. You can find out more about Shirley Elizabeth Allen below. After digging the victim’s remains out again, police concluded that Shirley Elizabeth, wife of Allen Lloyd, had been hiding her past. They also suspected that her husband, Allen Lloyd, was poisoned by her, claiming the insurance money he will receive after his death. Police investigated her past and found shocking revelations from her daughters, Norma and Paula. They were able to reveal the identities of her ex-husbands, four of whom divorced her, one changed his nominee for his insurance policy from Shirly to another just before her death, and she was still married to Shirly.

Who Killed Shirley Allen? Suspect Real Name Images Revealed!

Who Killed Shirley Allen

She was also unknowingly deceased and she was claiming her $25000 insurance. One of her ex-husbands accused her of poisoning his wife and soo after she divorced him. Norma and Paula, her daughters, revealed to police who was there when Lloyd’s beer was poisoned. He was also seen drinking it. Paula added the poisons to Lloyd’s drink after she married in 1982. Paula and Norma told police they were beaten and scared by their mother. They didn’t reveal Shirley Elizabeth Allen’s death on the 2nd April 1998 in prison. She had served 14 years of her non-parole 50-year sentence for murder.

Allen Lloyd was born in Campbell, Missouri, 23 August 1942. He was an airforce pilot and planned to retire to St. Peters, Missouri. In September 1981, Allen Lloyd married Shirley Elizabeth. According to records, Allen Lloyd’s wife Shirley Elizabeth was married five times before he got married. Allen Lloyd had a deep trust in Shirley Elizabeth, his wife. He loved her very deeply and cared for her stepsons from their previous marriages, as their relatives testified. Follow For More Update Yemfoundation.org

Lloyd’s trust was broken when his wife, Allen Lloyd, began struggling with his health after just a few months of marriage. On November 1, 1982, he was suddenly found dead at his home with no prior health issues. Police reached St. Peters, Missouri to find his body. He had died hours earlier. Shirley Elizabeth quickly organized his burial. However, after some suspicions about his wife’s death, she retreated from his grave and tested toxically for ethylene glycol. She was seeking Lloyd’s $25000 insurance money and asked for his signature.



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