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Who Is Ryan Marlow? Brain Dead Pastor Shows Signs of Life

Who Is Ryan Marlow? Brain Dead Pastor Shows Signs of Life Recently, news was posted online that on August 27, 2022, in a truly miraculous event an elderly pastor, Ryan Marlow was announced brain dead. He started appearing to be alive following a video of his children has been shown. Pastor Marlow was suffering a disease called listeria. According to his partner, Megan Marlow, the doctors informed her that the condition had caused swelling in the brain, and he was suffering “neurological death”. This story is now the news on social media websites because a lot of people are looking up his story to find out more.

Who Is Ryan Marlow? Brain Dead Pastor Shows Signs of Life

Who Is Ryan Marlow

The report states that Ryan’s family gathered at the hospital in order to offer their final goodbyes to Ryan on the 30th of September, 2022. When Mragn was admitted to the hospital, her niece informed them that Ryan’s feet were moving when he was shown videos of his children. Megan has been constantly giving updates about Ryan’s condition as well as updates via Facebook. In one of her videos, she stated,” My heart could not bare it.” She also stated,” Literally the team was waiting there to take him and tell the nurse” to put everything down for now.

As we can tell that when it was revealed that the CT- Scan was done it revealed a result nobody even considered. Megan stated that her husband was not dead and that doctors did not know. Megan said that he sustained a trauma on his brain stem, and was in a condition known as a coma. She also stated,” He is not dying due to brain damage my dear friends. He’s supposed to be in the funeral home now according to the doctors. Go to the bottom of the page for more information on the story.

Marlow informed her wife her husband Ryan has shown several great signs of improvement that include his heart rate increasing and a few times he’s moved. Ryan is an ordained pastor of the baptist church and a piano technician, who owns his own company. However, according to the latest Facebook post by Marlow,” Dr is not waiting for the bronc surgery at present. The post added that” He underwent a CT scan, and doctors have been contemplating possible drain adjustment using neurosurgery to ease swelling, and there aren’t any changes to the bleed, thankfully.



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