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Who Is Latisha Bargaineer? How Did Latisha Died Cause Of Death And Reason Explained!

Who Is Latisha Bargaineer? How Did Latisha Died Cause Of Death And Reason Explained! Latisha Bargaineer, a late 29-year old Detroit woman, was stabbed to death by Demetrius Montgomery, her boyfriend of 11-years. On Father’s Day, the 18th of June 2017, she was reported to have been found dead from being crushed to death. Fatal Attraction, a TV One special featuring her story, aired. Demetrius Montgomery, her boyfriend and a close friend for over 11 years, was the prime suspect in her assassination.

Who Is Latisha Bargaineer?

Who Is Latisha Bargaineer?

He is now being tried for open murder. They had an unhealthy relationship that was as prominent as her untimely death.

Latisha Bargaineer, a late Detriot woman, died in 17 circumstances at the Ypsilanti home she shared with her husband.

Demetrius moved her to Detroit, Michigan on June 18, 2017 and she had her clothes changed sooner than he did.

Anquanetta Bargaineer was Latisha’s sister who had warned her in numerous instances to keep her distance from the person now accused of her murder.

Her sister Anquanetta and her dad Eddie Pitts Jr. both testified that she suffered abuse. However, they all acknowledged that they had never witnessed it.


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The tragic information shocked family, friends, and relatives. However, the case has been re-emerged on the internet several times.

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Her family was incredibly aware of her boyfriend’s behavior and often tried to warn her in a few instances.

How Did Latisha Died Cause Of Death

They shared stories of Bargaineer’s actions, including when he choked, hit, and threatened them. This was all because of his over-attractiveness.

She loved him regardless of his controlling behavior and jealousy. She was acknowledged by her friends as having planned to leave him.

Courtroom information revealed that her boyfriend was previously charged with 1996 homicide. However, a jury found him not guilty.

The boyfriend of the Detroit woman had been charged with concealing and receiving stolen property.

In response, it was revealed that he had also faced weapons bills in 2009 as well as assault and residential violence.

He was actually jailed for drug possession, possessing a dangerous weapon and revitalizing and concealing stolen property.



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