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Who Is Kimika Video, Why Kimika Full Clip Ban On Twitter And Reddit Reason Explained!

Who Is Kimika Video, Why Kimika Full Clip Ban On Twitter And Reddit Reason Explained! A heated debate is taking place in the Twitch community that has led to two streamers who have parted ways. The community of streaming had a traumatic experience when a streamer called Kimmikka became hot, and was banned from the site due to her sharing intimate moments on the internet. The next day, after the video went live on this channel Kimika had been banned by the site. Everyone was happy with the outcome. Sven days later, the streamer has returned to her grind and has been streaming on Twitch without restrictions, which has thrown many to anger and frustration. Find out more detail about the controversy surrounding Kimika.

Who Is Kimika Video

Who Is Kimika Video

According to the information available, Kimika streamed online on Twitch and at that time, she was in intimate contact with an individual. A lot of people were offended at the actions he took on the web and, as a result, she was barred from the site. People believed it was a good idea to ban her due to her conduct. A few days later, she tweeted an update on Twitter stating that she will be returning to the platform and will stream on the internet. The post caught some attention, and community members were upset too. Many were offended that even after engaging in intercourse in a live stream Kimmikka got not banned and was allowed to stream, while on the other hand, another streamer known as JiDion was barred for no reason.

JiDion’s controversy is constantly increasing on the platform due to the streamer being suspended without a reason. In a live stream, JiDion spoke about Pokimane and the reasons why it is a reason to ban it. The last time JiDion was streamed was back in January, and the following month the platform banned him from the site. JiDion launched a hate campaign on Pokimane in the meantime. Streaming Community banned him declaring that his tea and his work is in violation of a harassment policy. After that, JiDion was permanently banned by the streaming platform. After a few months, it was declared that he would return to the platform, but nothing was like what happened. Fans were disappointed to find out that their favorite artist was not in the streamers’ platforms. In July JiDion posted a tweet stating that he was barred and that his plea to be let back on the platform was denied.

Following the controversy surrounding Kimika started, everybody was very happy when she was removed from the platform, but when she was not banned despite engaging in online sexual relations and the internet was ablaze, the community was furious and people are furious online. JiDion has also shared on Twitter and claimed that Kimika is only given seven days of suspension after having an online sexual relationship and he’s still on Twitch. He also claimed that Twitch is racially discriminating against him. He also said that the team of Twitch as well as Twitch itself as being discriminatory too. A lot of netizens also shared their opinions on Twitter declaring that Twitch is racist. One Twitter user stated that Twitch is a racist platform, while other users claimed that platforms such as Twitch or IG have the most sloppy support teams.



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