Who Is Juan Merchan Supreme Court Judge, Presiding Over The Accusations Against Trump

The name of former president Trump is making headlines and causing controversy among the public. The president is scheduled to be indicted on Tuesday in the afternoon, at an Manhattan courthouse. It will be among the most watched legal proceedings ever recorded in legal history. The case is attracting the attention of people. Everyone is interested in knowing more details about the story. A grand jury decided on Wednesday to bring charges against Trump on criminal charges related to his role in organizing hush-money payments to a film actor who was an adult during his presidential campaign in 2016.

Who Is Juan Merchan Supreme Court Judge, Presiding Over The Accusations Against Trump

Who Is Juan Merchan

Many people are interested to learn about Merchan. Merchan was a judge for New York for several years within an area of the New York City court system. He worked as the assistant attorney general of Nassau County and Suffolk County during the first half of 2000 and was appointed by the then-Mayor Mike Bloomberg in 2006 to become a judge in the Bronx family court. Yes, his caregiver has been very interesting. He was a great worker in his professional career. There are many things to share about the story.

He has served as an interim justice of the State Supreme Court since 2009 and presided over criminal felony trials. According to reliable reports, the news has been circulating, it is a first-generation immigrant who immigrated from Colombia to the U.S. with his entire family. He is from Colombia and was there when he was a young child living in Queens. The media outlet reported that he worked as an auditor previously for an unnamed real estate development firm. He is now being portrayed in the news because of the serious matter.

Additionally, perhaps the most well-known instance Merchan had previously supervised in connection with his week’s proceeding is the criminal tax fraud trial involving Trump. Trump company. The company was penalized $1.6 million after being found guilty of 17 charges. Trump the former president, has recently repeatedly criticized the judge. He has posted numerous times through the Truth Social platforms describing him in the last few moments as a “Trump judge who is hateful,” and even claiming Merchan “HATES ME.”

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