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Who Is Dj So Cool? Did He Cheat On Her Rumors And Hoax Explained!

Who Is Dj So Cool? Did He Cheat On Her Rumors And Hoax Explained! YouTuber CJ So Cool is currently in hot water after rumors of him breaking up with his girlfriend surface on the internet. People are curious to find out what the matter is with the couple as the rumor has been circulated online. Cj was in a relationship for over a decade with Royalty. They were together for more than a decade. Now, the rumors are heating up. Fans are not shocked now that the couple has been involved in a heated argument about separation for years. CJ is a rapper, YouTuber, and creator of prank videos and music videos. We will explore the YouTuber’s story and learn more about his breakup. CJ SO COOL, a YouTuber, is well-known for his music videos, prank videos, and creative videos on the Internet. CJ SO COOL is now separated from his long-time partner Royalty.

Who Is Dj So Cool? Did He Cheat On Her Rumors And Hoax Explained!

Who Is Dj So Cool?

CJ is Cordero James Brady, and he has 8.9 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. This earned him much fame. Although they are not following each other on social networks, they joke about each other regularly on social media. CJ is worth 7 million dollars. He has gained a lot of fame and respect through his YouTube channel. Royalty is worth around 3 million dollars. They share six children, and there is no age difference between them. They are both 32 years old and have been working online for their money. The two of them have separated and it is not clear who will keep the children.

His fans are not shocked by the rumor. The couple had been out for a while and had been in an argument for quite some time. CJ was rumored to have cheated on his girlfriend. There were also several photos of him dancing in a bar with another woman. The story has a second side, however. It shows that the Royalty also did things that heated up the dispute between them. The reason there was an argument between the couple was that royalty was doing insane things. The internet was able to spread the news about a fight between the couple. They decided to end their relationship and will now be apart.

CJ is a great rapper and has released many songs such as Salty, Memories, Fuego, and Fuego. However, his YouTube prank and creative videos have earned him much attention and money. Many people started to comment on his social media posts after the rumor was broadcast. CJ gained more support as the couple split between J and Royalty. Royalty is a blogger, who posts vlogs and blogs online. She also has good earnings. CJ’s brother and the couple used to vlog together on CJ’s channel. CJ was supported by many, and one supporter commented that Royalty would come back for his money.



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