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Who Is Darren (D.J) Lachance, 33-Year-Old Missing From Canada Age Bio And Net Worth!

Who Is Darren (D.J) Lachance, 33-Year-Old Missing From Canada Age Bio And Net Worth? Another missing report is coming in which screaming families are getting anxious and desperate for the missing person to be able to return home safety. If we hear about a reported missing, our thoughts immediately turn to the security of the person concerned since the number of crimes is increasing and despite the efforts by the police, cases of kidnapping, murder, and other crimes aren’t being stopped. At this moment, too police are trying to find the identity of a missing person, and to share his information on the internet.

Who Is Darren (D.J) Lachance, 33-Year-Old Missing From Canada Age Bio And Net Worth!

Who Is Darren (D.J) Lachance

According to reports, according to reports, Calgary Police Service is requesting citizens to assist them in finding the missing person. On September 2, 2022, a man named DJ LACHANCE, also known under the name DJ was reported missing. He’s 33 and is from Calgary. He went missing on 1st September 2022, but police filed a case the following day for his disappearance after family members filed a missing report. Based on the information provided by his relative’s members, the last time he was seen was in the vicinity that includes 40 Avenue and Northmount Drive N. W on Thursday 1st September 2022 about 04:00 pm.

Since then, no one has ever heard from or seen the man. Based on the information provided by his family members, LACHANCE is suffering due to a medical problem, and his family members as well as the police are very worried about his safety and wellbeing. It’s been nearly 18 days since his disappearance and no sign of it has been discovered to date. To help, the police also posted details about his body as well as his photograph on their social media accounts. The figure is 5’9″ tall and possesses an athletic body. According to the article, the weight of his body is about 130 pounds. The color of their eyes is hazel, and his hair color is brown.

Additionally to this, in addition to Darren an individual named Alicia Finnemore also known as Alicia Lachance was also missing and was last seen or heard from by her family on the 8th September 2022. Since then, her family hasn’t heard from them and immediately filed the investigation. The team of investigators believes that it’s out of the norm for someone who is 32 years old and hasn’t been in contact with her family members for many years. The dog she has also lost is missing, and according to police, she typically travels in her dark, shaggy-haired , and medium-sized dog.

Police believe Finnemore is Lachance are in an affair. Her height is around 5’4 while her weight stands about 100 pounds. Should anyone have any type of information, they are asked to contact police at 403-266-1234. Any information that can be provided helps the family in finding the missing members of their family.



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