Who Is Bradley William Flavel? Dance Teacher Guilty of s*x with minor Images And Pics!

The case of a teacher who had an inappropriate relationship with a girl under 16 at Rochedale State High school has taken a major turn. A teacher at Rochedale State high school was facing charges for sexual abuse, and other felonies involving indecent treatment of children under 16, but he has now been sentenced following his guilty plea in court. You heard that right. Justice has been served for the victim’s family and the teacher who was awaiting conviction. What was the name of this teacher who has been found guilty of serious charges such as indecent treatment and sexual abuse of a girl under the age of 18? We have outlined what we know in the sections below this column.

Who Is Bradley William Flavel? Dance Teacher Guilty of s*x with minor Images And Pics!

Who Is Bradley William Flavel

Bradley William Flavel is the name of the Rochedale State School teacher who has pleaded guilty. He was a teacher at the high school in question, where he taught dance. Bradley William Flavel had been accused of sexually abusing the minor student. The girl was finally served justice. Legal reasons prevent revealing the victim’s identity or mentioning it, as this could cause the girl to be upset and hurt her feelings. Scroll down to read more about this case.

The reports state that the dance teacher of Rochedale State high school preyed upon the 15-year-old victim and gave her powerful substances in order to have s3x. The court documents state that Bradley William Flavel abused the minor girl sexually after he drank alcohol to her. According to reports, he confessed his crime and plead guilty.

Bradley William Flavel was tried on Friday, 16 June 2023 in Beenleigh District Court. He pleaded guilty on two counts of indecently treating a minor under the age of 16, and one count of having carnal knowledge with a minor under 16. Brisbane dance teacher found guilty for s3x on a minor. The convicted dance teacher had been volunteering at Rochedale State high school since 2013. Beenleigh District Court convicted him on Friday, 16 June 2023.

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