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Who Is Avalon Hagerman? Wiki Bio Images Age And Net Worth Explored!

Who Is Avalon Hagerman? Wiki Bio Images Age And Net Worth Explored! According to reports Avalon Hagerman was named one of five finalists at a North American contest to create a prom outfit from duct tape. According to sources, the Kitchener (Ont.) contest took around 157 hours. It took her 157 hours to finish her dress. It was worth it as all her hard work paid off. Avalon shared her excitement and said that she had pulled several all-nighters in order to complete the task. She was proud of what she accomplished, even though she was tired.

Who Is Avalon Hagerman

Who Is Avalon Hagerman

The contest’s judges selected the 19-year-old as one of the 10 finalists. She is also the only Canadian finalist to be featured in the duct-tape prom dress category. It took her 157 hours for a prom gown entirely made from duct tape. The prom dress was made using 25 rolls of ducttape. It was made to match the accessories in a Duck Brand 2022 contest called “Stuck-at Prom”.

We should also mention that the $10,000 college scholarship will be awarded to the winner of the contest. Hagerman’s father praised her for her accomplishment, saying that the final product was simply breathtaking. Avalon Hagerman said that everyone is talented and that she was very proud to have been chosen as one of the top. As she prepares to study in the humanitarian program at the University of Toronto, the young girl stated that the scholarship would be beneficial.

She spoke about the creation of the dress and said it was inspired by her love of art. She also spoke about how she got the inspiration to make the dress. She said that her anxiety about moving away from home and going to university was what motivated her to create the dress. Hagerman said that she was excited to design the dress and couldn’t wait to get started. Hagerman explained that she had never used duct tape before, and it was difficult to use. Follow For More Update Yemfoundation.org

Avalon explained that she used various elements such as chokers and swirls to express anxiety, but also used flowers to symbolize personal growth. Through this whole process, her main goal is to express hope through her dress and keep designing as a hobby. She stated that people will get through any situation and learn from it.



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