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Who Are Von Mccray And Dre Mccray Drama Explained!

Who Are Von Mccray And Dre Mccray Drama Explained! There is always controversy in the world of internet. Many names become popular for a reason and attract more attention. Dre McCray is currently the topic of discussion on the Internet. However, it is unclear why her name is so popular. Is it because her video is trending? All of us know that Tiktok is a popular place for common people to gain a lot popularity, and it starts trending online.

Who Are Von Mccray And Dre Mccray Drama Explained!

Who Are Von Mccray And Dre Mccray Drama

It’s no surprise that any creator can become viral and gain a lot of views, likes and followers. Although many things can happen simultaneously on Tiktok, the drama is never ending. Many creators have millions of views for their short clips on this platform. Dre McCary, one of these Tiktok creators, has a large fan following. She is an influencer and started her journey on the platform in 2016. Here she posted her makeup videos. Dre McCray’s entire name is Andrea McCray. Dre married her 8-year-old husband Von McCray and their children.

When she shared a vegan diet with controversial herbs like Kava and Kratom, this Tiktoker was exclaimed. The FDA has never approved the use kratom in any form of diet because it is a narcotic drug. Her make-up and humor videos were highly appreciated by her fans in her early days. Dre has seen a lot of Tiktok fightings, where she exclaimed. Dre McCray was exclaimed after she started taking money from her fans to watch her videos. This Tiktok user was also accused of abusing Von McCray, her husband, and using his sickness to gain sympathies online.

According to police reports and netizens, Dre McCray’s husband tried to end his own life. They claimed that they had issues at their wedding. Later, the Tiktoker took videos of her husband having seizure attacks. These attacks were the reason her husband attempted to kill herself, she claimed. Von McCray attempted suicide after learning about her son. Von’s mother was unable to visit her son because her daughter-in law got a temporary order. Her spouse was accused of abusing her online. Many claimed that she poisoned her husband and used him to gain followers.



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