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Who are Caddick Parents? House & Property Fight Explored!

Who are Caddick Parents? House & Property Fight Explored! Melissa Caddick was a criminal for a long time. The little girl, who had stolen millions from her parents, went missing. Sources have provided information that indicates that 23 investors raised concerns at the Federal Court about the fact that Caddick’s parents claimed their Edgecliff apartment was their last place of residence. They also claim that they only have one Edgecliff apartment and have asked the authorities not to allow them to sell it. Justice Brigitte Markovic read the statement on July 25th. The parents of Melissa Caddick stated that the child’s parents had the right to rent the Edgecliff apartment for the rest of their lives.

Who are Caddick’s Parents? House & Property Fight Explored!

Who are Caddick Parents

Melissa Caddick was born 21 April 1971. Her full name is Melissa Louise Caddick. When Melissa Caddick began to cover the news, the media named the girl Grmley. She spent her whole childhood in Lugarno (Sydney). Although the University of Technology Sydney awarded her her diploma, Melissa Caddick claims that she did not graduate from their University. Melissa Caddick was reported missing by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission in November 2020.

They arrived at her home to investigate the girl running the financial services company without an Australian Finance Servies license. Her home was raided by the Australian Securities Investments Commission and Australian Federal Police officers in Sydney, New South Wales. There are reports that Melissa Caddick died on the day of the raid. The Australian Federal Police and Australian Securities and Investments Commission claimed Melissa Caddick that she had stolen approximately A$30 million from investors.

Melissa Caddick was the most wanted. She started working with the NRMA, an investment division. Melissa Caddick was also an administrator at a boutique bank. The girl had taken $2,000 from the company while she was still working for the company in 1998. Sources claim that Melissa Caddick forced her boss to sign multiple cheques. Later, the company requested Melissa Caddick leave the office so they didn’t have to call the police. The girl refused to return the money she stole by force.



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