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Where Is Edward Locascio? Murder In The Family Of Maggie Locascio Explor

Where Is Edward Locascio? Murder In The Family Of Maggie Locascio Explored! After demanding separation from her husband, a woman in Miami got a new look. Maggie Locascio is the name of this woman. According to reports Maggie Locascio was ruminating on the ending of her 28-year-old marriage. The Miami woman, however, died at 45 years old. According to the source, she was married to Eddie Locascio Sr. Eddie 28 years ago before her death. Her son, Ed Locascio Junior, was also asking her to end the marriage. She didn’t know how long she would live without Ed Locascio Sr.

Where Is Edward Locascio

Where Is Edward Locascio

Soon after she ended her marriage to her husband, Maggie Locascio was found dead on the ground. John Butchko, a detective, reported seeing Maggie Locascio near the kitchen. He had also been bludgeoned in her head. Detective John shared a report that Maggie Locascio had been stabbed, kicked and choked by her killer. The report revealed that Maggie Locascio was stabbed, kicked and choked by the killer. Investigators discovered a black metal party near the kitchen floor.

According to reports, Maggie Locascio’s teenage son Eddie Junior was at school that night doing experiments in the laboratory. He also didn’t return home in Coral Gables until after 10 PM that evening. He saw flashing police lines and cop vans as he arrived at his home. Eddie Jr. was also taken to the police station to be interrogated by officers. He did not have the opportunity to see his mother and entered the house.

Maggie Locascio, an accountant with a master’s degree, was also an accountant. Her family was worth approximately $6 million. However, the abusive father left her mother and their son. Later, Maggie Locascio was taken into custody by her husband. However, detectives failed to find strong evidence against Eddie Sr. while Eddie Sr. claimed that his son had killed Maggie Locascio. The officers arrested Eddie Sr., who was only 19 years old at the time.



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