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What Is Magaluf Scandal, What Happened To Magaluf Explained!

What Is Magaluf Scandal, What Happened To Magaluf Explained! A British holidaymaker has taken over the internet after claiming that his vacation to Majorca, PS240 all-inclusive, was overrun. He used social media to express his dismay at the Spanish Balearic Islands’ ban on binge drinking that had restricted tourists from having more than six drinks per day. This rule has caused the furious British holidaymaker to vent his frustration and anger. He believes that his trip in Majorca was completely ruined by it. This headline has many important aspects. According to reports, the crackdown on the Balearic Islands was initiated to stop incidents like Magaluf Scandal. We have covered a lot of topics in this article. Please read the entire article until the end and make sure to look at each section.

What Is Magaluf Scandal, What Happened To Magaluf Explained!

Island’s latest crackdown on binge drinking has made it impossible for Islanders to consume more than six drinks per day. Jason Walker, who is the security guard said that the British holidaymaker was angry after learning of the restrictions on the free voucher for alcoholic drinks. He had landed on Island for a three-night vacation. He didn’t know about the new ban on binge drinking.

Magaluf Scandal

He is 42 years old and describes his shock at finding that the latest decree limits the number of alcohol drinks allowed on an all-inclusive holiday. Three drinks at dinner and three at lunch were enough for the angry British holidaymaker. Balearic Government announced this new restriction rule in January. The Balearic Government banned the sale of alcohol in shops between 9:00 pm and 8:00 am in Magaluf and Playa de Palma on Mallorca, El Arenal, and Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza. Continue reading to find out more about this headline. Follow For More Update

For violating the rule, the government announced a PS50,000 fine. According to reports, this was done to clean up the image of Magaluf resorts following a scandal that occurred in 2014. A scandal broke in 2014 when a British female holidaymaker was caught performing s3x activities with up to 24 men at Magaluf. This is all for now. Keep checking this page for updates and more information.



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