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What Is GREEN SPEED UPDATE (April 2022) How to tune a Subaru now?

What Is GREEN SPEED UPDATE (April 2022) How to tune a Subaru now? We are happy to announce that we have received 88 California Air Resource Board Executive Orders (EO) and many more applications are currently going through the CARB EO approval. We are 100% dedicated to meeting your needs. We strive to be the industry leader in providing exciting, responsible, environmentally-friendly hard parts, performance packs, and tuning solutions across all our supported platforms.

What Is GREEN SPEED UPDATE (April 2022) How to tune a Subaru now?


We are a market leader within custom tuning and believe that our customers must be able to address regulatory issues in today’s market. This means that we must ensure that any tunes or calibrations created using Accesstuner software meet the evolving emissions standards and can be CARB EO certified. We have made modifications to our software to eliminate the possibility of creating files that could be seen by an emissions regulator and used as bypasses, defeats, or emissions delete tunes/calibrations.

Our software has been modified to ensure that the calibrations created with our system do not adversely impact the vehicle’s “Emissions Related Elements of Design.” “Emissions-Related Elements” refers to any device, part, or element of design that is installed in a motor vehicle by an Original Equipment Maker (OEM) with the purpose of controlling or maintaining vehicle emissions compliance.

These features include, but are not limited to:

• Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC);

• Oxygen (O2) Sensors;

• Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Sensors;

• Three-way Catalysts (TWC);

• Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Systems;

• Stratified Warmup;

• Tumble Generator Valves (TGV);

• Secondary Air Injection;

• Evaporative System;

• Features / tables, associated with certain OEM OBD Test Min/Max Limits;

• Features / tables, associated with certain OEM OBD Test Monitory Entry Thresholds.

Historically, our Accesstuner software exposed many of these tables, toggles, and diagnostic trouble codes and each individual/user was responsible for ensuring that the files that they created addressed all required emissions standards. Our understanding of the market and today’s regulatory environment has changed our view of how best to address these items. We have learned that multiple environmental/regulatory agencies may classify any modification of these features as “Delete Features” and assert that any calibrations/tune that modify these features as delete tunes that may negatively impact vehicle emissions.

How to tune a Subaru now?

Therefore, as of April 18th, 2022, we have modified our custom tuning software system (Accesstuner) to prevent the potential users from creating custom files/calibrations that could be viewed as a delete tune because the file was modified in some way (or more) of these features that the EPA and CARB have identified as “Emissions-Related Elements of Design”.

Please be assured that while these changes eliminate some of the features of our Accesstuner software, the software is still fully capable of producing the market’s best performance tunes and calibrations. Follow For More Update

Additionally, because of our commitment to Project Green Speed and our desire to provide leadership in the marketplace and drive change, we will not provide technical assistance/support for old tuning files that include modification of any of the features that we identified as being an “Emissions-Related Element of Design” and have subsequently removed from our updated software going forward.



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