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What Happened At Sapua Dam? Why Did People Died Here Explored!

What Happened At Sapua Dam? Why Did People Die Here Explored! Humans always get attracted to the environment, whenever humans get the chance to visit somewhere, they mostly choose the environmental place. currently, on social media, a piece of news has been spread about a Dam, which is situated in Odisha. Sapua Dam has become one of the tourist places nowadays. It is getting the attention of the people from whole over India. At present Sapua Dam, the situation is not good, as per the engineer. Odisha is the place that becomes a tourist place for the picturesque, serene, sublime beauty of the Sapua Dam.

What Happened At Sapua Dam? Why Did People Died Here Explored!

What Happened At Sapua Dam

The Dam control reservoir is about 90 km from the capital Bhubaneswar Oddisa in the Hindol block of the Dhenkanal district. The Dam has been built with a concrete barrier. The dam name Sapua is dedicated to the snake because the beauty of the Dam is so overwhelming and pleasuring. It gives pleasure to the human feeling. Whenever you would get the chance to go there you would not be disappointed, you will get the pleasure after reaching there. People also do various kinds of activities there. The Dam has been prepared in 2006.

The dam was originally a medium-sized irrigation project built by the Odisha Department of water resources on the local Nara River called Sapua in the Mahanadi Basin. The Dam name has been fixed with the “Sahuya Dam”. The Dam needs some construction works as per the engineer’s advice. This area has been restricted now, but the area is a top choice for tourists for camping, sightseeing, and picnics. It is also surrounded by the adjacent dense lobby forest, giving it an edge. Engineers are saying if the area needs some improvement and it will again transform into a great tourist place. Follow For More Update

This is one of the favorite destinations of the tourists, every year tourists go there to visit and gain various experiences. Now this place wants some improvement and it will be turned into a good place for the tourist. Actually, people from all over the state come here to visit the place. this place is not only famous in Odisha only but it has popularity in the neighboring state. When people saw the circumstances of the place they feel very sorry for the place. government should do attention to the place for making the place more good and nice. So it would become famous in whole over the India and could be more famous.



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