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Wells Fargo Fake Job Interviews: Wells Fargo Held ‘Fake Interviews’ With Diverse Applicants

Wells Fargo Fake Job Interviews: Wells Fargo Held ‘Fake Interviews’ With Diverse Applicants Unbelievable news has just emerged on the internet that Wells Fargo had conducted a fake interview. The New York Times published this news online for the first time. Soon after publishing this news, people began to take over the internet and show their reactions. Wells Fargo is being criticized for its fraud and false recruitment. Why did they conduct fake interviews for jobs that had already been filled? Many points remain to be explored.

Wells Fargo Fake Job Interviews

We have done our best to provide you with some insight into the latest news. Wells Fargo is now the talk of the town, and many people are curious to find out the reason behind the fake recruitment. Let’s get to the bottom of the matter. Take a look at the next sections. Scroll down.

Wells Fargo Fake Job Interviews

Emily Flitter, a New York Times official, made this claim. The New York Times reported that seven employees, including a former executive at Wells Fargo, were involved in the disclosure of misconduct by the company. An ex-Wells Fargo executive revealed that he was instructed by his team to conduct fake interviews. They were instructed to interview people of color and women for posts that had already been filled or taken. Continue reading to find out more. We have provided more details about the alleged company’s fake interviews.

Another former executive at Wells Fargo claimed that fake interviews were done to demonstrate diversity. A few employees from the same company also confirmed that this fake recruitment took place this year. This happened in the last year. Joe Bruno, an executive in Wells Fargo’s wealth management division until August last year, told The New York Times that he first learned about the fake recruitment and complained to his bosses. However, he was eventually fired.

Joe Bruno claimed that he was being lied to and was eventually fired by the company. A spokesperson for Wells Fargo stated that they had investigated the claims but could not confirm them as true. Keep checking this page for updates and more information.



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