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Wawa Ontario Plane Crash Video Viral CCTV Footage Leaked Watch Online

Wawa Ontario Plane Crash Video Viral CCTV Footage Leaked Watch Online According to the latest report, the Canadian Armed Forces have stated that a search has begun for a small plane reported missing since Thursday morning. Two people were aboard the plane when it took off from the state of Delhi in Ont, at 03:45 on Thursday afternoon. Before the London Flight Information Centre reported that the aircraft was late, the disappearance persons were heading to Marathon. Major Trevor Reid, Senior Public Affairs Officer and the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre from Trenton reported this information to the media outlet. They also stated that rescue efforts are ongoing to find the 2 mission personnel.

Wawa Ontario Plane Crash Video

Reid stated, “At the moment, search efforts are directed at an area approximately 60 kilometers north of Sault Ste. Marie.” Reid stated that search efforts have been more difficult since Thursday evening due to heavy snowfall and poor weather conditions. However, the rescue team has not succeeded in conducting electronic searches. Reid stated that they currently have a CH146 Griffon helicopter and an RCAF CC130H Hercules plane, as well as a CH149 Cormorant helicopter involved in the search.

Wawa Ontario Plane Crash Video

An OPP helicopter and a Canadian Coast Guard helicopter support him. Two men were reported missing by the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association after their aircraft lost its signal over the Wawa area on Thursday night. According to a Facebook post.

According to a Facebook post, a search team was sent Friday night to locate the pilot, Brian Slingerland, and John Fehr. Although the search for their location continued on Saturday due to poor visibility, it was difficult. Mary Reimer (sister to John) was the author of the post. According to her, they were flying from Ontario, Canada to Alberta. Reimer and Slingerland were not mentioned in the post. Follow For More Update

The Original Post Of Reimer states: “My brother John, and his pilot friend were on route from Ontario to Alberta in a recently purchased airplane. Their signal was lost and they made it to Wawa Ontario. Since yesterday evening, they have been missing. We have put together a tracking team. They will be driving out tonight, but they will continue to search throughout the day tomorrow. Weather conditions were not good the previous night, and they are worse today. Visibility is very poor. Choppers have not been able yet to locate them properly. We are terrified and tensed to the max. Please pray for us if you are a prayer person.



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