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Watch Corner888 Vk Video We are going to share some very interesting news with you. In this article, we will tell you about the relationship between Israel and the United States. It all depends on the support system provided by Jews living in America. Recent polling revealed that support for Israel is at a minimum. It is now increasing but also decreasing among youth and other Americans. On the other side, it can be seen that people are more supportive of Palestinians. The pole was also given a title. We can assume it was a warning to Americans living abroad and the opposite view on Israel and Palestine.

Watch Corner888 vk Video

Watch Corner888 vk Video

The percentage is 48%. This means that Americans had a positive attitude towards Israel and their work has been increasing. BDS for Israel is another movement that is a commendable success in America. However, 84% of Americans did not know about it. This is quite odd considering the remaining people knew nothing.

The relationship between Israel, the United States, and 1960 was very important. It was supporting and protecting Israel during that time. They also promoted it so they could have good relations with its neighbors like Arab states. Because of its foreign policy in the Middle East, it is important to talk about Israel’s relationship.

When talking about the American annual grants to Israel, it is the one that has been the most generous. It has also been the largest recipient in America from 1976 to 2004, and almost 74% of the World War II funds went to purchase specific things. The fish color and other services were also purchased by America. In 2019, the United States decided to provide military assistance of $3.8 billion to Israel.



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