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Tyre Sampson Death Video Iconic Park Free Fall Ride Leaked Video Watch

Tyre Sampson Death Video Iconic Park Free Fall Ride Leaked Video Watch People have been listening to the tragic death of Tyre Sampson. Social media has created a buzz and people are searching for information on the cause. However, Orlando Icon Park has been accused of misconduct. The topic of the accident has been a hot topic and has captured people’s attention in large numbers. Many people now want to see the video of the accident. Let’s talk about this terrible incident and find out who was responsible for the unimaginable loss. Please take a moment to read the entire column and then have a look at the sections below.

Tyre Sampson Death Video

Tyre Sampson Death Video

The victim was thrown from the FreeFall ride at Orlando Icon Park last month, which is 430 feet tall. Unfortunately, this tragic accident occurred on the 24th of March 2022. The victim’s father claims that there was something wrong with the ride after his son fell from the height of the ride. Yarnell Sampson is Tyre’s father. He said that Tyre felt unwell when the ride began. Please refer to the next section for more information about this incident. Follow For More Update

At the time of the tragedy, the victim was only 14 years old. According to reports, Tyre fell from a height of ten feet after the harness that was supposed to support him during the ride lost its grip. Tyre was declared deceased at the scene on 24 March 2022. Tyre’s father claimed that his son was just like what was happening and that he told his friends, who were sitting to his right, that he was scared. Tyre also told his friend that he doesn’t suppose to complete the ride safely. Please tell my parents that you love them very much.

Tyre’s father wanted to limit the ride’s capacity, which cannot hold more than 130 kg weight. His son, however, was an enormous man weighing in at approximately 136 Kg. Yarnell attributed the Orlando Icon Park staff’s misconduct and irresponsibility to Yarnell. The horrendous and disturbing footage from the incident was shared online by many people around the globe. Authorities are currently trying to determine who is responsible for Tyre’s death. Keep checking this page.



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