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Trevor Sinclair Controversial Tweet Drama Explained!

Trevor Sinclair Controversial Tweet Drama Explained! The world was shocked by the demise of Queen Elizabeth two. But of all the people who offered condolences and prayers to the deposed queen One person who received much attention from internet users was former England footballer Trevor Sinclair who posted a bizarre and controversial Tweet on the internet. When the world was mourning the passing of queen Elizabeth, Trevor posted one tweet expressing his displeasure with the late queen, and the entire internet went wild over it and ridiculed him for being rude. A few minutes went into the future, and the actor deleted the tweet, leaving the internet’s users more stunned.

Trevor Sinclair Controversial Tweet

Trevor Sinclair Controversial Tweet

Following the death news that Queen Elizabeth was made public through Buckingham Palace, Trevor released an official tweet in which he stated that during the time of Queen Elizabeth discrimination against race was not a problem and was prevalent in the 1980s and 90s The brown and black community should not mourn the loss of queen Elizabeth. The moment the internet’s users and the fans of Queens also saw the post, they swiftly began condemning the player for making the sexist online comment as Queen Elizabeth passed away. The article was posted to the internet shortly following the death of Queen Elizabeth who died in the evening of 8 days of September in 2022. aged 96.

Talk sports officials stated they’re trying to reach out to the former player regarding his comments made on Queen’s death however, he’s not at all responsive to their requests, and has not been able to contact him. The tweet deleted by Trevor stated that while racism was banned during the 60s, was now banned to flourish, so people of color and brown people shouldn’t be mourning. Following the sudden mocking of netizens from the eth community, Trevor deleted the post and a few hours after the tweet was made viral on the internet, his account was also unavailable, which suggests the account was deleted by him. Twitter account, too. As Talk Sports suggests he is no longer in contact.

Not just Netizens but a variety of celebrities were in mockery of Trevor for his juvenile and uninformed tweet. Simon Jordan, the former crustal palace owner, as well as Sinclair’s talk-sport owner, said that Trevor’s tweet was inappropriate. Sinclair another former coworker asked in an open statement what Trevor was thinking when he made this tweet. Another former colleague stated that it is difficult to understand why he decided to write this unneeded Tweet and claimed this was an exaggeration. A lot of fans were stunned to discover that Trevor posted such a tweet on the internet. One of them tweeted that those who follows Trevor should not follow him anymore.



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