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Travis Barker Enters Wellness Industry With His CBD Brand

Many celebrities are creating waves in the cannabis industry by launching high-end weed businesses. Barker Wellness brand is among the latest trendy marijuana companies. 

The celebrity uses premium cannabis from Diesel weed seeds and other popular strains to manufacture safe, top-notch products.

Travis Barker Enters Wellness Industry With His CBD Brand

What goodies can you get from this celebrity brand? Keep reading to discover the amazing wellness products worth your trial. What’s more, you might make some money from this company. 

Who is Travis Barker?

Musician Travis Landon Barker is a famous drummer who plays for the Blink-182 rock band. He also collaborates with top hip-hop musicians. 

Barker produces hit songs for other artists when he’s not playing drums. He’s worked with top musicians such as Lil Wayne, Machine Gun Kelly, Swae Lee, and others. 

Barker’s popularity rose after joining Blink-182 in 1998 to replace former band member Scott Raynor. The group made a fortune in the entertainment industry performing their hit songs.

One of their most successful albums, Enema of the State, has sold over four million copies in the US. Blink-182 confirmed reunion tickets recently after being apart for several years. The band plans to continue performing and recording soon. 

In 2008, the drummer appeared in an MTV reality show, Meet the Barkers, which features his life with ex-wife Shanna Moakler. He’s currently engaged to Kourtney Kardashian. 

Besides launching the Barker Wellness company, this famous drummer has other business ventures. He founded LaSalle Records and a clothing line, Famous Stars and Straps. 

What Inspired Travis Barker to Enter the Cannabis Industry?

Barker started using cannabidiol (CBD) products to help him recover and address insomnia and restlessness. After trying several medications and therapies, he discovered the herb which gave him the best results. 

In a Forbes interview, the drummer admitted to trying different cannabidiol products, which inspired him to launch the Travis Barker CBD brand. “It became something I was really passionate about, so I wanted to create my own line.” 

Like Eldon Morrison, Barker experienced a tragic plane crash that claimed four lives. On September 19, 2008, he and his friends boarded a private jet in South Carolina, but one of the tires blew. 

Their plane lost control, crashed near a highway, and burst into flames. The tragic accident left Barker with burns on more than 65% of his body. 

He underwent several surgeries and skin grafts. After the experience, he decided to focus on his health. 

In a Forbes interview, the drummer said, “The plane crash forced me to change my lifestyle completely.” Barker has now ventured into the cannabis business to share his passion for health and wellness with other people.

Travis Barker’s CBD Brand

Barker Wellness launched in February 2021 with a line of unique marijuana products. The celebrity says he took time to understand how cannabinoids work on the body before starting the brand. 

The company focuses on delivering vegan-friendly products infused with marijuana to promote mental and physical health. 

Get your skin glowing and healthy with the products available in Barker’s catalog. They include eye and face serum, daily moisturizer, and renewal balm. The brand also has a line of pain relief topicals that can help reduce inflammation.

During a 2021 interview with Rolling Stone, Barker admits that his family and close friends have embraced the products. “My son is 17 and likes to use the pain relief cream if he’s working out.” 

Other products available in this celebrity cannabis brand include:

  • Muscle therapy creams, balms, and rollers
  • Bathing soak
  • Tinctures and organic gummies for sleep, recovery, and maintenance
  • CBD oil for pets 

You may also purchase sustainable merchandise like Barker-branded hoodies and gift cards. 

What Makes Barker Wellness Unique?

The number of weed companies is increasing due to the changes in marijuana laws across various states. 

What makes Barker’s CBD brand stand out among the rest? Besides having an inspirational story behind its launch, the following attributes make this marijuana company among the best. 

Products with Rare Cannabinoids 

You’ve probably heard about CBD, one of the main compounds in cannabis. But do you know about cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC)?

CBG can increase dopamine levels, regulating moods, sleep, and appetite. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a better painkiller alternative.

These two non-psychoactive compounds have numerous benefits to the body. Barker manufactures products using natural ingredients infused with these rare cannabinoids.

An example is the CBG, CBC, and CBD-infused pain relief cream. The topical also has bisabolol, which promotes natural skin healing, and vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. 

The wellness brand has also launched unique bathing products made with essential oils and hemp. Barker explains that the bath soak is ideal for relieving muscle tension and may benefit your mind and body.

Affiliate Program

Besides shopping at Travis Barker’s Wellness brand, you can make money by referring your friends to the company. 

How does this work? The brand pays a 10% commission on your verified purchases from referrals. Interested affiliates can register and learn more about the terms and conditions on the company’s website. 


Barker’s company ensures value for your money by providing premium products at affordable prices. The brand also allows you to try its goodies through snap packets. 

These are single-use doses of high-quality herbal products. They include muscle therapy cream and tinctures for sleep and recovery. You may also sign up for the wholesale program, which allows you to buy in bulk and save.

Travis Barker’s Recent Partnership

The drummer has partnered with his wife to launch the Kourtney x Barker Wellness line of bathing and body products. 

Their vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and natural products include: 

  • Body butter 
  • Magnesium bath flakes 
  • Body oil

“My obsession with baths, wellness, and taking care of my body has led me to this collaboration,” says Kardashian. The products are available on Travis Barker’s brand site and Kourtney’s official website.



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