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Toronto’s Mimico Double Shooting Video, 1 Dead & 1 Injured Suspect Name Revealed!

Toronto’s Mimico Double Shooting Video, 1 Dead & 1 Injured Suspect Name Revealed! Toronto, Canada, police report that a man passed away after a shooting was reported. One is currently in a hospital being treated for injuries. The shooting took place in the Mimico neighborhood, and police were informed of the incident in a matter of minutes. The shooting took place Thursday night. Police were informed of several gunshots fired, and the police entered the area to rescue, however, they discovered one person dead. The shooting was the result of multiple fights as witnesses and police confirmed.

Toronto’s Mimico Double Shooting Video, 1 Dead & 1 Injured Suspect Name Revealed!

Toronto’s Mimico Double Shooting Video

The police have confirmed that the shooting took place on the night of Thursday. It’s been reported that numerous gunshots were heard as the officers arrived on the site of the shooting close to Mimico Avenueand Lakeshore Boulevard west area at around 8:30 pm, they discovered one person dead, and another severely injured. According to the police report, there were a number of people who were involved in a fight, and firearms were also said to be found near to the individuals fighting in the vicinity of the fight scene. The man who was later confirmed as dead, was still alive when police arrived. He was given life-saving procedures, but he passed away to injuries.

On the scene where the shooter was killed, a number of vehicles and police officers were spotted following the shooting. The shooting was reported and police were investigating the incident. Toronto police Operations have a page for the shooting on Twitter and on Twitter, they have disclosed that the shooting scene is a major police presence as well as provided information on the injured and killed during the shooting. they also stated that the man believed to be in good health was rescued and was taken to the hospital, but is in a critical state. Then, it was revealed that the fights that was going on prior to the shooting was involving about 15 people at the park as well as firearms.

The two individuals who were discovered severely injured at the park were in their early 20s and teens too. The one who was declared dead suffered injuries to the upper part of his body, while the second one’s condition is critical. The police have transferred the case to the homicide division and they are now investigating the remaining details of the investigation and identifying those responsible for the investigation. Furthermore, any information regarding the suspects and victims were not disclosed by police until recently. Police are also looking into the area surrounding for evidence, and are seeking anyone with information to help the investigation, or has been witness to the investigation.



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