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Ted Hankey Assault Video Goes Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Ted Hankey Assault Video Goes Viral On Twitter and Reddit This is to inform you that Ted Hankey, a former world darts champion, has been sent behind bars. What are his charges? And why is he being sent to jail? Since the news of his arrest broke on the internet, these questions have been raised. We are here to answer all your questions about this headline. According to the source, the ex-world darts champion was sentenced for harassing and pinning down a woman.

Ted Hankey Assault Video

Ted Hankey Assault Video

Who did he reveal to the court? Many questions remain unanswered. To learn more about this story, you are encouraged to stay on this blog. We have covered every aspect and important point in this news in the sections that follow. Scroll down to see them. Ted Hankey, 54, is currently in prison for two years. He will spend two years prison for his wrongdoings. We’ve already said that he sexually assaulted and pinned down a woman. The most important question in this story is: who exposed him? Please refer to the next section for more information.

According to the source, he was captured on camera. Steven Everett, the judge, said that he would not have pronounced the sentence if the incident hadn’t been captured by the cameras. The footage responsible for his conviction was cleared by the media and the public. The former darts champion signed a $ex Offender Registry for ten years. Find out more about Ted Hankey’s guilty verdict. Follow For More Update

According to the source Ted Hankey sexually assaulted his victim in September last year. This incident also involved an address in Chesire. The 54-year old victim is a Berry Hill resident. The victim filed a complaint against the victim and this matter became a major issue. The police started an extensive investigation and finally found footage. For more information, stay connected to us.



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