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Sylvia La Torre Cause Of Death, How Did Sylvia La Torre Die? What Happened To Him Explained!

We are sorry to inform you of the death of the “Queen Of Kundiman” Sylvia La Torre. The news of her passing surfaced on the internet on the 2nd of December, Friday 2022. She took her last breath on Thursday 1st December 2022. We are sure that many of you want more information about the news. The news about death is always disturbing and troubling, and everyone is able to be affected by it. Although we would never wish to hear this story, it is not at our fingertips. We typically say that we understand what the individual or family members are feeling, however, the truth is that only the people who truly understand this suffering have been through it.

Sylvia La Torre Cause Of Death, How Did Sylvia La Torre Die? What Happened To Him Explained!

Sylvia La Torre Cause Of Death

The people who love this famous singer Sylvia La Torre are in depression as they mourn her. In her passing yet another name has been added to the roster of music stars. It’s really sad that the bulk of the death reports have come from the world of music and there have been many legends lost from all over the globe. We are aware of those who are eager to find out the reason for her loss and, for that reason they’re eagerly awaiting the news about the matter. Find out more below.

The report says that at the time of her passing, Torre was age 89. Her passing announcement is acknowledged through Anna Maria Perez de Tagle who is her grandchild. She confirmed the news via her social media account on November 2, 2022. She said that her grandmother died on the 1st day of December 2022, at about 07:02 am. When she passed away, passing away, she was surrounded by her family, including her husband Celso Perez de Tagle (64-year-old). The couple had 3 children Their names include Cheche, Arite, and Bernie.

In her Instagram account, she wrote that “My grandmother was my first source of inspiration, and was my idol whenever it was about acting and singing. I am always trying to keep her in line since her singing and acting both met the standard. Not only that, I also had her as my very first vocal coach. She also taught me, classes of her, every kundiman. I’m so sorry to have missed you and truly appreciate having you share my music lessons with me. I promise that I will certainly continue the lessons.”

She was born in 1993. She was singing professionally at only five years old. At the age of 5 she has crowned the winner of an audition for a singing contest staged in Manila. At the age of 7, she appears in her first film and, after two years, she makes her stage debut. The reason behind her demise isn’t yet known, but when it is revealed, we will discuss it here.



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