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Spy X Family Chapter 68 Spoilers Release Date And Time Explained!

Spy X Family Chapter 68 Spoilers Release Date And Time Explained! Spy X Family’s newest chapter has been released and the fans are eager to read the new mags. Learn more about the episode released by the creators. This episode features the most anticipated character, Yuri Briar and it was revealed that SSS is determined to prove to his sister that he’s superior to her husband, but in an entertaining and convincing way. In the previous episode, it was shown that Loid is attempting to trick his employee to save him. The new chapter in this manner will concentrate on Loid. The latest chapter, called chapter 68 , begins in the presence of Anya and she has to convince Damien to return to her house in the beginning of the episode.

Spy X Family Chapter 68 Spoilers Release Date And Time Explained!

Spy X Family Chapter 68 Spoilers

Franky as well as Fiona are featured in another scene, where they are in the hospital. SSS agents arrive to capture Loid and create DR believe that he’s got his chance. Later, Loid sees this as an opportunity to grab the victim’s card and helps himself. Yori begins fighting the criminals in the group and one of them declares himself”the son” of Gullick. Yori beats the person and didn’t cause too much problems for himself. While Yori was not injured during the fight, he has his wrists swelling as a consequence of the fight in theThe Spy X Family Chapter 68.

Yori who suffers injury declares that she got her hands crushed into the door. In these ways, he keeps her secret from being exposed to her family. When Lois inquires about her health, Yori replies that she requires rest to allow her hands to heal. In the meantime, Yuri Briar enters the forger’s residence and plans to spend the remainder time with her younger sister. Loid is blamed when the agent discovers Yori was injured. The assassin attempts to soothe her brother, but Yori during the conversation hurts herself more. Yuri confronts Loid to look after the wife of his and Anya even though she cooks, Loid gets into the kitchen to cook food to Yori as well. Anya and Bond were able to stay with Yori.

In the following scene, Yori apologizes to her husband about her conduct towards Yuri as the Agent assures her that there’s no problem doing this. Yori is grateful of Loid for his kindness and this is how Yuri becomes jealous of Loid since Yori is grateful to Loid for his kindness. Yuri angry, she enters the kitchen to cook dishes for Yori. In the next scene, Yuri gets appreciated by Yori and tells her that the skills of food preparation by Loid have made her appreciate different foods. Yuri furious after the end of the love story requests Loid to clean up the dishes, and Loid breaks Forger’s plates in a the midst of a rush.



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