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Shinzo Abe Shot In Chest Video Viral On Social Media, CCTV Footage Leaked Online!

Shinzo Abe Shot In Chest Video Viral On Social Media, CCTV Footage Leaked Online! The day began with great sadness. Nearly everyone is shocked because they never imagined that such terrible news would be coming to their faces. You heard it right. Shinzo Abe was the former PM of Japan and was crumpled in Nara City during a speech. Uncounted reactions have been coming in as soon as the news was circulated via social networking sites. Uncounted people are showing concern for him, as no official statement has been made regarding his health situation. Below are some facts and information that will help you understand his current health situation.

Shinzo Abe Shot In Chest Video

Shinzo Abe Shot In Chest Video

According to exclusive reports, the tragedy happened on Friday 8th July 2022. He was giving a speech at Nara and a gunman shot at him while he was standing in front of the former Prime Minister. The bullet caused chaos throughout the area, including where the stage was to be used for the speech. Police quickly took action and sent him to the nearest hospital so that he could recover as soon as possible.

According to reports, the former Prime Minister and ex-world leader of 67 years have not shown any vital signs since being rushed to the hospital. The concerned authority took one suspect into custody. It is now being interrogated. Everything could be as clear as the mirror because nobody has the right to cause chaos and make someone hurt. The authorities are taking appropriate action against the suspects. Follow For More Update

In addition to all this, the authorities involved shared a statement, stating that the tragedy took place at 11:30 am (08:30 IST) during the campaign. The suspects are now in custody. They will soon reveal the identity of the defaulter, who is responsible for the exploit. The authorities agreed to provide security for the former Prime Minister until the situation becomes normal. We will keep you informed when we have information.



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