Scapia Federal Credit Card, Limit How To Apply Eligibility Criteria Fees And Details!

Anil Goteti is a former Flipkart executive who has returned to the startup scene. Scapia uses finance as a tool to change the way people travel. Scapia offers a special credit card that allows customers to earn rewards for their purchases. These rewards can be used to book hotel and flight stays around the globe. In this article, we will examine how Scapia has reinvented the travel narrative in order to make it more accessible for young Indian tourists. Scapia is a leader in travel rewards by rewarding generously 10% of purchases made using their credit cards. Scapia Coins are created from these benefits, and can be used to travel or stay anywhere in the world.

Scapia Federal Credit Card, Limit How To Apply Eligibility Criteria Fees And Details!

Scapia Federal Credit Card

The company’s software makes it easy to redeem your vouchers with just one click. This turns trip fantasies into a reality. The Scapia Card offers a seamless travel experience. It can be used at more than one million merchants in over 150 countries, thanks to the collaboration between Federal Bank and VISA. Scapia App allows customers to access real-time transaction using their mobile device. This offers convenience and security while traveling.

Scapia offers extra travel benefits that go beyond the standard credit card. Doing business abroad is cheaper because there is no currency markup. Scapia’s card enhances your travel experience further by allowing you to access domestic lounges with no restrictions. Anil Gotteti’s Vision: Anil goteti, Scapia’s brains, envisions a world where everyone can travel. Goteti is a senior vice-president at Flipkart and believes in creating cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of young Indian tourists. Scapia is known for his commitment to achieving his travel dreams.

Scapia was Goteti’s second venture into the startup scene after Protonn. After leaving Flipkart he launched Protonn, which sadly failed to find the perfect product-market fit. Goteti, who has learned from past mistakes, is eager to create a finance platform which addresses the issues faced by passengers. Scapia, the fintech startup founded by Anil Goteti, is set to revolutionize tourism with its innovative solutions. Scapia gives travelers the freedom to travel the world while enjoying exclusive benefits and hassle-free experience thanks to its easy-to use app and lucrative credit card. Scapia’s commitment to accessibility and customer happiness will revolutionize the travel fintech sector.

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