Rosewood Downs Primary School Video Viral On Social Media, Parents sickened after son mocked by teacher online

In this article, we’re going to discuss the stories of parents who criticize teachers for shaming their sons in a viral video that is full of profanity. The video has gone viral across the internet. Everybody on the internet is upset with the teachers who mocked one of their students. The school’s staff has been receiving backlash from all following the virality of this video. Now, the general people on the internet are extremely curious about the whole incident. They are eager to find out what exactly was wrong in the video.

Rosewood Downs Primary School Video

Rosewood Downs Primary School Video

The parents involved in this controversy attacked school staff for the video they created for the principal which appears to mock children . It could also includes their son. The controversy concerns Rosewood Downs primary school in Melbourne. Leah as well as Vince were the parents of a boy aged 10 who was mocked by his school staff members in the video. The parents of the boy said they were stunned when they saw the video, which includes their child “Max” along with 12 other students at the school who were ridiculed by staff. They stated that this was the most disgusting thing that has ever occurred.

Max’s mother stated that the video made her sick and was horrifying. She added that she doesn’t even have words as she is quite upset by the video she watched. The video was uploaded to Youtube. Max’s parents have transferred his school to another. The video was made by school staff in order to thank the principal at the end of December of last year. Max as well as the other children were ridiculed by school staff. They were forced to appear included in the footage. The parents of Max have brought a lawsuit for damages against Rosewood Downs Primary School.

This issue is a downward spiral for Rosemary Downs Primary School. Each parent whose child attended the school is transferring their child to a different school. Max’s parents stated that they did not grant permission to the school to create footage of their son. They were also shocked by sexual references made on the video, considering that teachers forced children to make fun of excessive Ejaculation. Police are currently looking into this situation and there’s an opportunity that the school will be closed soon. It was all about the controversy.

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