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Romadhon Car Accident Video, Cause Of Death & Reason, How Did Romadhon Die? Explained!

Romadhon Car Accident Video, Cause Of Death & Reason, How Did Romadhon Die? Explained! The Singapore Silat Federation (Persis), confirmed the sudden death of National silat coach Mochammad Nur Romadhon. Yes, the beloved coach of Silat is gone. Sources claim that Romadhon died in a car accident in Bali. After the Singapore Silat Federation issued a statement, Romadhon’s death was confirmed. His entire team was shocked and devastated when the news about Romadhon’s passing was announced. After a week of triumphant performances at the SEA Games, Hanoi, the mishap occurred. The entire Pencak Silat Squad is now grieving the loss of Romadhon.

Romadhon Car Accident Video

Romadhon Car Accident Video

Singapore Silat Federation’s post says, “Coach Romadhon is well-loved and appreciated by all silat communities. He has greatly contributed to the team’s successes.” We send our deepest condolences and sympathies to his family. We are there for him in his time of sorrow, but we also remember and share all the memories and love. This post was made by the federation on Facebook. Romadhon, who was 33 years old at the time of his passing, had been an eight-year member of Persisi since 2008. He died in Bali, where he was vacationing with his wife and their two children.

Sources say that he was driving with his family from Bali to Surabaya on a highway at the time of the accident. Fiona Azlani, a Persisi member, confirmed this. His wife sustained a serious head injury in the accident. She was then taken to the hospital for treatment. His children also sustained minor injuries. Romadhan’s sudden death occurred just weeks after the close of the 31st Southeast Asian Games, in Hanoi. Singapore won four golds. Follow For More Update

Siti Khadijah Sharem, an athlete from Silat, also paid tribute through her Instagram story, “You’ve done so many for me, your athlete, and the country. We love and appreciate your efforts coach… thank you so much! She also shared a photo of the silat team from the recent Games. His loved ones and closest friends have paid tributes to him and offered their deep condolences since the announcement of his death. This is sad news for all those who have lost their beloved and talented coach. Romadhon’s loved ones and close friends will always remember him.



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