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Rina Palenkova Death Video Viral On Social Media, Who Was Rina Palenkova Train Video Leaked Online

This article will be quite shocking, as we’re here to inform you on a sad story concerning a video connected to death. As such, this video has been the subject of many controversies as of in recent times, many the internet has been flooded with searches for this specific video. We recognize that you’re interested in knowing more about the video that has been causing a lot of controversy in the present. The video is linked to Rina Palenkova.

Rina Palenkova Death Video Viral On Social Media, Who Was Rina Palenkova Train Video Leaked Online

Rina Palenkova Death Video

The video has attracted around 28.5 million views and the views are growing each day. So it’s related to a death-related video of her. In the video, she has been describing the details of her death, in detail and the primary reason for this is who is she and is the reason she’s been surfacing in searches all over the world. On 23rd November 2015, a girl identified as Rinawas was discovered by the railroad tracks of Railways situated in Russia.

The moment this news was brought up, this became a hot topic that everyone was interested in and received an enormous amount of attention on social media platforms the reason she died was due to her being associated with the Blue Whale contest since we are aware it was this game that is the reason for many deaths that which occurred recently and a number of teens were killed in the course of their lives. There are a lot of investigations that are being conducted for the game itself as well as the train footage.

You may be wondering what exactly these findings are regarding. Recently, police discovered an image of her prior to when she killed herself. she was 17 years old and was from Russia according to reports, she was a student at an institution. She downloaded this game, referred to an as a blue whale on an unknown website. Then she began playing the game and completed more than 50 of the tasks of the game, but on the 22nd of November, 2015 she shared two images.

The photos were shared on social media platforms and people were informed that Rina has discovered the tracks of the railway close to her home, police launched their investigation but they were unable to locate any clues, but once her pictures were posted on social media platforms but the picture was then removed from the account. The reason remains a mystery, however, the reason for her death was related to the game called the blue whale.



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