Rajesh Das, Ex Tamil Nadu DGP Jailed For sexually harassing Woman IPS Charges And Images Viral!

We will be discussing the case of Rajesh das today. Rajesh Das was found guilty on Friday and sentenced to 3 years in prison. Das had been suspended as a special director of police. Villupuram’s Chief Judicial Magistrates (CJM) sentenced Das to a simultaneous prison term for two separate offenses. Das was sentenced to prison for three years under Indian Penal Code Section 354A(ii) which prohibits using criminal force or assaulting a lady in order to insult her modesty. Das was sentenced under Section 4 of Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Harassment of Women Act to three years of prison and a fine of 10,000. He was also fined Rs 500 for inappropriate restraint, in accordance with IPC.

Rajesh Das, Ex Tamil Nadu DGP Jailed For sexually harassing Woman IPS Charges And Images Viral!

The judge granted bail to Das and gave him 30 days to appeal. Villupuram Court released former Chengalpattu S.P. D. Kannan after he was charged by CB-CID with attempting to stop the female IPS from filing a complaint against Das. According to the allegations, Rajesh Das allegedly harmed her in 2021 while she worked at CM Palaniswami’s election event. A second police officer who “tried to prevent her” from filing a complaint received a fine of Rs 500.

Rajesh Das, Ex Tamil Nadu

In a complaint filed on 1st March 2021, the female IPS officer claimed that Das sexually assaulted her in Das’ car while they were working as security for the election campaign run by the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu Edappadi K. Palaniswami. She claimed that during Palaniswami’s meeting on the 21st of February, the special DGP told her to ride in his car. According to the FIR the senior officer held her hand for “about 20 minutes” and sang before kissing her. She retracted her hand, and told him she felt uncomfortable with the gesture. The sentence reads: “He responded (give him) five minutes only and grabbed her hand once again. Perspiration was accumulating on my hands due to the stress and worry I felt at that time. He offered his towel when he noticed this. According to reports, the senior officer showed her a picture of her he had taken earlier while visiting her office. According to the FIR the IPS officer told her he had saved the photo as “favorites”, so he could retrieve it quickly.

Das, she claimed, had taken considerable steps to prevent her from reporting the crime. Das had pleaded with her repeatedly and used official channels to intimidate her. In the FIR, the female officer claimed that the special DG apologized when he found out she would complain the following day to the “head police in Chennai”. Das allegedly called her father-in law to negotiate a conciliation and compromise, and that he had promised to “fall on her feet and apologize” for his actions. This is the whole story. This is all about this case.

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