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R.i.P RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Cherry Valentine Dies Aged 28| Cherry Valentine death video

R.i.P RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Cherry Valentine Dies Aged 28| Cherry Valentine death video Drag performer George Ward, known by their stage name Cherry Valentine, has died at the age of 28. Ward was “a source of inspiration for many” according to the BBC declared following the announcement by Ward’s family of his death at the age of 28. Ward’s TV career started with her appearance on the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK in 2021. Growing up with the surname of George Ward in the Traveller community of Darlington, County Durham They were the subject of a BBC documentary about their lives, Cherry Valentine: Gypsy Queen and Proud in January of this year.

R.i.P RuPaul's Drag Race Star Cherry Valentine

RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Cherry Valentine

In the form of a statement, the Ward family stated: “It is with the most profound sadness and heartbreaking sorrow to let you know the news that we’re George Ward, also known as Cherry Valentine – has tragically died. “This is likely to be an utter shock to the majority people, and we know there’s no simple method for this to be publicly announced. “As his family members, we are mourning his death, which will forever change our lives. identical. We are aware of the love he has for his family and the many lives he affected and inspired. We only ask your understanding and prayers during this difficult moment. We love you Georgie.”

Ward was certified as an RN in mental health in the year 2015 Three years afterward, she, she began working her role as Cherry Valentine. While the pandemic was raging, they worked at the Covid vaccination center. Ward was named one of 12 contestants in the second round of the UK version of RuPaul’s Drag Race , which will air in December 2020.

In the intro video to the series, Ward explained their Cherry Valentine character in terms of “glamour”, “dark” and “gothic”. They claimed that working as an nurse “put me in the right place be able to comprehend people more. “If you’re drag queens, you are in contact with others. To understand them, I would say you’re willing to go that further mile.” The director for BBC Three, Fiona Campbell stated: “We are all shocked and devastated to hear that George passed away.” of George who was known to many by the name of Cherry Valentine.

“A fan favorite and a source of inspiration for so many, we had the privilege to work alongside his team during his time at BBC Three. He will be deeply missed by his numerous friends and fans. Our sincerest sympathies go to the family members and his friends during this sad time.” in the BBC documentaries, Ward talks about how the pair were not accepted as children when they were young and emigrated at the age of 18, but remained close to their mom. The documentary follows their return home to the roots.

In discussing their reasons to make this BBC document, Ward said in an advertisement video: “It was something that I was looking forward to doing since if I had been younger and had seen something similar to this, it could have inspired me to think a different in my opinion.” Then, in a discussion of their growing-up struggles, Ward said: “My first memories of playing with my fellow boys on camp. I always felt that I was supposed to be being with my friends in the camper, playing with the dolls , and also making my hair, but I never felt that I fit in.”

In a conversation about their alter-ego, Ward said: “Cherry is just the persona of me that I’d like to be once I’m out of drag. We’re obviously the same person.” A Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins tweeted: “Very sad to hear that Cherry Valentine has died, at just 28. We first met in June in Epsom and were so alive and joy, it’s difficult to imagine. Sending love to George’s loved ones and friends. It’s heartbreaking.”



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