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Pool Sinkhole Video Shows Sinkhole Opening Under Swimming Pool

Pool Sinkhole Video Shows Sinkhole Opening Under Swimming Pool A man from Israel was pulled into an open sinkhole in Israel. The pool is located in Israel. The sad thing is that his body was not recovered from the sinkhole. According to the Times of Israel, reports claimed that the rescue operation lasted for four hours and that the emergency services recovered the body of the man who had been submerged in the sinkhole. The hole was 43 feet deep, and rescue operations began on July 21st.

Pool Sinkhole Video

Pool Sinkhole Video

Klil Kimhi, a 32-year-old man, was the man who was found in the hole. Although his body was found, the cause of his death remains unknown. Investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of his death. We don’t know the time frame. It will be done when it is completed. A video was uploaded to the internet. It is also available on Twitter. The video clearly shows the floor of the pool as it began to sink. The pool is located at a Karmei Yosef private residence in Central Israel.

Two men were also pulled into the hole by the water. One of the men was able to escape from the sinkhole. The 34-year-old was found dead. According to the US Geological Survey, there are many ways that a sinkhole could be created. The most common method is for the ground below the surface to dissolve into groundwater. This then causes a cavern to open. Florida, Texas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania are the most affected areas by a sinkhole.  Search teams used a support structure to search for the man.

The search was complicated because there were secondary tunnels which could have been connected with the sinkhole. This could have made it more difficult to rescue the man. According to police, they are investigating the incident to determine how the victim died. They will also investigate the licensing of the pool as there were rumors about the owner not having a building license.



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