Phillip Schofield Brother Arrest Reason And Charges Explored!

In the news of recent times, it was reported the brother of Phillip Schofield was Timothy Schofield jailed for 12 years for abuse of a child. Here are the most recent updates on the case. It is mandatory to read the article, and then continue reading to find out more information. Stay tuned for the latest information. According to reports, Timothy Schofield, who is the brother of popular TV host, Phillip Schofield, has been imprisoned for 12 years after he was accused of sexually abusing a teen boy. Schofield 54 was found guilty in the month of March of 11 sex crimes which involved children between October 2016 and October 2019 and two of them involved sexually engaging with a child. The conviction was made following the trial in Exeter Crown Court. The jury on April 3 found Schofield guilty of all charges with an overwhelming majority of 10-2 after more than five and a half hours of deliberation.

Phillip Schofield Brother Arrest Reason And Charges Explored!

Phillip Schofield Brother Arrest

But he was in Bristol Crown Court for sentencing and was sentenced to 12 years. He’s scheduled to serve two-thirds of it on May 19 the 19th of May, which is Friday morning. The 54-year-old former civilian Avon and Somerset Police worker from Bath was able to explain to jurors during his testimony that he was watching porn with the boy who claimed to be over 16 at the time and that they had a sexual encounter when they were sitting together, but he denied having sexual relations against the teenager. The Honourable Madame. Justice Cutts is due to pronounce a sentence for Schofield in the Bristol Crown Court on a Friday morning. Scroll down to see live updates on the sentencing.

The person who was the victim has endorsed certain statements. He has stated that the feeling he experienced was that there was no room for freedom and frequently felt anxiety as well as stress and anxiety. He also said that he felt stuck in a tangle of anxiety and fear about the abuse that had occurred in the past. The only time he felt secure was after Tim was taken into custody. Schofield also said that he felt depressed about the world after the tragedy and feels emotionally weak after what happened. Bearded and grey-haired, Schofield was shaking his head and cried when the judge’s sentence was read out.

Schofield was found guilty on two charges of engaging in sexual interaction with the child, three counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activities, three of causing children to observe sexual activities, and three of engaging in sexual activities while in the presence of children. The incidents occurred between October 2016 and October 2019. The court heard that the pornography included content that was “extreme” and included violence. A jury in Exeter crown court heard that the crimes were discovered after the complainant was convinced to meet with two counselors and then revealed the incident. The police were alerted, and Schofield was detained within 48 hours of his residence in Bath.

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