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Percival Mabasa Bio Wiki Age Images Net Worth Instagram And Details Explained!

Percival Mabasa Bio Wiki Age Images Net Worth Instagram And Details Explained! A large section of people in the Philippines demonstrated against the killing of the broadcaster. The family members of the deceased issued a statement in support of accountability for Lapid. The investigation is ongoing and the person who was responsible for the murder remains to be found. We’ve covered everything about the death of Mabasa in our article on Percival Mabasa’s biography . On Monday evening, at around 8.15 p.m., Lapid was killed by gunmen. Lapid was killed at the gate into BF Resort along Aria Street in Barangay Talon 2 in Las Pinas City.

Percival Mabasa Bio Wiki Age Images Net Worth Instagram And Details Explained!

Percival Mabasa Bio

The police investigation found the suspect to be a DWBL radio commentator who was in his vehicle. The number plate for the car was recognized as NGS 8294. According to the reports that car of Lapid was struck by a white Fortuner just as he was about to enter the Resort gate. However, shortly before when he was about to enter the gate, The man died due to a motorcyclist. They are the two main suspects in this probe. Following their shootings, the two were able to get away.

The relatives of the dead have released an announcement on the “brutal and shameless murder” of their loved family member. Roy Mabasa’s brother Roy Mabasa wrote on Facebook that his family was shocked and devastated by the brutal murder of a courageous broadcaster family member, father, brother, spouse, and friend. He also stated that we are strongly against this terrible crime, not only directed at Percy and his family members as well as his efforts but also at our nation and the Philippines and the truth.

Police have found two empty shells near the scene. They are also seeking video footage so that they can determine who the person responsible is. Percy Lapid Real Name is Percival Mabasa, but Percy Lapid was a well-known choice in the name of Percy Lapid among his followers. We can find out more about his story by reading the message today by his relatives. His brother posted in his Facebook page that he stated that he was an amazing person to his family, was a lover of the nation, and a husband, father, and devoted father.

Percy was well-liked and admired by his enemies and colleagues and his coworkers. His sharp and funny remarks were a refreshing change from the fake news broadcast on radio and social media. His brother has also requested that the murderers who committed cowardly crimes be brought to justice.

Percy Lapid was born on March 14, 1959. He was employed in the DWBL Radio station. He also worked as a broadcaster for JSY Publications. Lapid is also known as a former broadcaster with DWIZ which is a subsidiary of the ALC Group of Companies, DWIZ (882 AM).

Lapid was a vocal critic of Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos Jr. A few weeks ago his statement was critical of his opponents of Marcos’ Marcos government. In the wake of the Mabasa report’s controversy, the head of state has been forced to resign. When he got back from Resort, he was about to begin his broadcast live. But, it was fatally injured when a motorcycle driver was killed just prior to the incident. The patient was taken to hospital but was later declared dead.

Its full name was Tito Percy Lapid. The birthplace was Manila, Philippines. The name of the college and school is not widely known. The most recent post on the Facebook profile was from his brother. More than 200,000 viewers were members of this channel’s YouTube channel. YouTube. The suspects fled together after they killed him. The investigation, in this case, is an ongoing investigation and police are seeking video evidence.

P1 million rewards were revealed by a son of a former Manila son. The second homicide occurred during the presidency of Marcos. It was the second homicide under their presidency of Marcos. On September 18th, Ray Blanco, another radio broadcaster, was stabbed to death. In the aftermath of Percy Lapid, the Latest News of his death broke across the globe, and people are calling for Justice for this man. #JusticeforPercyLapid started trending on social media.

Percy was a brave radio broadcaster, who was a true hero. We pray that the justice system is able to be served and that his murderers are swiftly punished. A lot of followers have offered their condolences and apologies for his relatives. You can read the full story about Percy Lapid here. What do you think about the courageous broadcaster and an admirer of the people of the nation Lapid? Percy’s age was 63 at the date of his death on the 3rd day of October 2022. Comment if you want justice to be done quickly for him.



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