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Paula Fernandes Car Accident Video Leaked, Is Paula Fernandes Dead Or Alive?

Paula Fernandes, a tragically injured woman, was seriously hurt in a tragic road accident. On Saturday, August 27th, her car was flipped on the Castello Branco highway. Rony Cecconello was her boyfriend and she was driving towards Sao Paulo. Paula is a publisher and her boyfriend is a businessman. Paula recently published a photograph, i.e. 28th August The photo has been retaken. She wrote that she was alive and that this is what she knew from the accident. Her boyfriend was fine and she survived the accident. They are now able to walk on their legs and that’s all she is thankful for.

Paula Fernandes Car Accident Video Leaked, Is Paula Fernandes Dead Or Alive?

Paula Fernandes

Her steering wheel was forced to her, and the car flipped around a few more times before it stopped on asphalt. The car was dragged onto runway, and it got damaged in several places. Both the passenger and driver were also injured. Paula said that she is still reeling from the accident and that she can’t sleep peacefully because of the trauma. She is physically fine, but she is mentally exhausted from the accident. She said that she doesn’t know anything about herself and that she suddenly becomes unconscious. The shock from the accident shocked her. In her published article, she said that she was grateful for being alive. She called her survival the rebirth of her self. It’s clear that the accident was a terrible one and they survived it. That is a miracle.

Although the accident looked like it would cause the most severe injuries and death to the victims of the accident, their car was equipped with airbags which prevented them from injuring vital organs. Rony and Paula were on their way back from the countryside to Sao Paulo via the Castelo Branco highway. Paula was driving the car when suddenly, a car smashed into them from the rear. She lost control of her steering wheel and the car was dragged a great distance. They were both scared, but the alarming emergency settings saved them from death.

Paula sustained an injury to her arm, while Rony received a few scratches. They both needed some medical attention and first aid. However, they are now healthy and still breathing well. Today is her 29th birthday. She wrote that she received a new life through God on this day. We pray that they recover quickly from the trauma caused by that accident.



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