Patna Junction Railway Station Video Viral On Social Watch Patna Station Full Video And Stars Reactions!

We are here to provide the information that is going viral via the internet and getting the attention of people Patna Junction Railway Station Video. In a shocking event, an inappropriate video clip played on every TV screen that was installed on 10 platforms for more than three minutes at Patna Railway Station. The incident occurred on a Sunday night. The police force noticed the incident and began to immediately broadcast after some passengers reported the whole incident. Many are using the search engine to find all the details regarding the story.

Patna Junction Railway Station Video Viral On Social Watch Patna Station Full Video And Stars Reactions!

Patna Junction Railway Station Video

As per the news report when the video played, it was at the station in Ptana which is a crowded station located in Patana. The video was inappropriately played in the background, instead of advertisements and it ran for up to 3 minutes. The situation was embarrassing. When a passenger was waiting in line for their train to depart was shocked to see the video play on the screen with LEDs. It was an exciting moment for all who were present. Many people were there in the company of their loved ones and it was extremely alarming for the. A lot of things are still to be told about the event.

The screens are used for advertising of products. However, it was a sudden event that unsuitable videos were attracting the attention of people. The most offensive video began telecasting across the entire platform’s screen. It is worth noting that a private business was given an agreement to broadcast ads and videos on the railway stations of the Danapur Division.

Patna Junction Railway Station Video Viral On Social Watch Patna Station Full Video And Stars Reactions!

Additionally, this event was verified by Prabhat Kumar who is the official spokesperson for Danapur, the DRM headquarters in Danapur and said “they are conducting an investigation regarding the matter. The process is at the beginning of the cancellation of the contract. The company has filed an FIR against company officials. The company also said that this incident is not something they can endure and the company was added to”the blacklist”. This incident was an enormous shock to thousands of passengers waiting to board their trains at the Patna Railway Station, which is among the busiest railway stations in India.

The incident caused there was a disturbance at the railway station, and a lot of passengers began to report the incident at officials from the RPF along with railway station staff. The people who witnessed the incident have reported their experiences that this video had been broadcasting for over 3 minutes on the screen of a railway platform. The unintentional video broadcasting created an unpleasant impression the time for passengers. This was a public area and there were families as well as friends and students which means that this issue can’t be overlooked. The issue should be looked into thoroughly and determine the real reason for this sudden video broadcasting.

As per the article, Many even attributed the video virally to Nitish Kumar who is currently serving as the Bihar chief minister. In addition, the Ministry of Railways was also targeted by the public who demanded to take action. An FIR was also filed against the organization that is responsible for the broadcast of the video and the content of the advertisement on TV screens since the video’s broadcast was a mistake by them. If this was not intentionally planned, it was just a matter of careless conduct. The question now is, what was the motive to broadcast this video in a public space?

Patna Junction Railway Station Video Viral On Social Watch Patna Station Full Video And Stars Reactions!

The agency was also banned by the Railways in accordance with the report issued to the government. However, this isn’t the first incident of this kind. The sources mentioned that the same incident took in the morning of Sunday also at the same train station. This time, however, the story was the center of a debate that was crucial since the reaction should be punished since it is not a palatable and unacceptable behavior.

It’s evident in the investigation that this indecent video was broadcast from the studio part of the company Datta Communication, Kolkata. A different agency was employed to work at Patna Junction. Based on this, RPF and GRP have filed a complaint for Dutta Communication and the operator of the agency that is related to it was summoned. However, all personnel of Dutta Communication fled out of in the offices of Patna Junction, when this incident occurred. We have provided all information about the incident that took place on the Patna station. If we learn of any more information, we will share it first on this site.

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